The UEM Gnashbone Fury is a Galleon-class UEM Jumper. It was built in early 2065 and first flown in 2079. It is a large ship, and is only 1 of over 3,000 individual models, its particular being a Ripper, classified for speed.


It was first designed in early 2055, and finished construction in early 2065, and was not flown until as late as 2079. Its first assignment was transporting heavy loads between border colonies, and did so until the Inter-species War in 2081 between the Zodiac and the UEM, at which point it was re-purposed as a training department for MSWG. During the assault on Adonias in 2099, it was caught in a jump made by the Zodiac Combat Carrier The Vast Expanse. It then crash-landed on Haven, and was assumed destroyed when the Haven was destroyed by Nathan's Super Explosion made by his helmet in 2099.


  • Length: 2,355 ft.
  • Load: 300,000,000 metric tons of raw material.
  • Standing Crew: 44
  • Passengers: 976
  • Military: 825
  • Science Team: 7
  • CO: Captain Grigg
  • XO: Commander Steinburg
  • First Completed: 2065
  • Destroyed: 2099

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