Mobius Description Edit

The fanfiction series created by author Chris000 is a crossover story series that involes both the universes of Sonic the Hedgheog and Halo. The series place in the 33rd Century. It primarily focuses on Marines attached to the[[1]] (United Nations Space Command Defense Force) as they journey into a new universe as a indirect cause of a botched  Slipstream Space jump. The series focuses on the Marines getting back to Earth and integrating Mobius into galactic society

Setting Edit

The series is firmly placed in the 33rd Century, specifically beginning in 3232. The course of the story brings it all the way to 3238, where it is currently resting. throughout the series, many historical allusions are made to earlier events in UNSC and even Mobian history, most notably mentions of the Great Human/Covenant war which took place from 2524 to 2553.

Exception Edit

An exception to this statement above is one story that serves as a fan-created history of the Mobius people. In Chris000's universe, the Mobians were a product of a failed colonization plan of the Earth government, financed by the military and led by Doctor Matthew Gregory Mobius (PhD, QeD, MD) in late 2290, Prior to the invention of the Shaw-Fujikawa Trans-Light Engine developed by the scientists of the same name. According to the text, The Mobians were created by a cloud of Exotic Matter, in which animal specimens' DNA was rearranged along with their Human caretakers. While the humans did not change physically, the Mobians grew to full sentience in three decades, thanks to the unknown nature of the mutagen. Falling into fanon, all of the events in the story lead up to 3234 covering the Rise of the Acorns in 2300, the Disappearence of the Humans in 2800, the Union of the Chaos Emeralds in 2870, and the Great War in 3200 and ending with the Human arrival on June 7th of 3234. 

Plot Edit

The Halo/Sonic series follows a young man by the name of Captain Chris Vennettilli, and his friends aboard the UNSC Indomitable, a Class supercarrier is under attack at a remote star system by Covenant Remnant Forces. They make a jump away from the battle only to find out that they are nowhere near their intended destination and in fact, are in another universe entirely. This is the Mobius Universe unbeknownst to them, a universe where all life on an alternate Earth was annihilated but to a possible Genophage or nuclear war. Here, they encounter the Acorns, the rulers of the planet and the Freedom Fighters, a self-controlled para-military and peace-loving group headed by none other than Sonic the hedgehog, who is apprehensive towards humans in general, after being told of their destructive nature by his father. 

Also in this group is the Princess Sally Alicia Acorn, a surprisingly adept fighter. After seeing the Humans in action on her world, she requests that a special tactical unit, the 1st Mixed Species Task Force be formed, with their group, Omega Squad being the pilot program. The Human's leader on the ship, Admiral Gerome Andsworth grants the request. Immedietely after, they are attacked by Doctor Julian Kintobor (aka Doctor Ivo Robotnik) in an attempt to improve his army with the secrets of technology the humans obviously had. Omega Squad's mission was to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds in an attempt to reopen a portal to Earth. When this process was completed, they discovered that the portal was two-way and thus they could transit between universes.

Reintegration Edit

The Mobian introduction was not lightly taken on Earth as some people feared that they were biological weapons sent to terrorize the people. They developed anti-anthropomorphic leagues and hate groups, going as far as to publicly assault and even rape many victims. Despite this, Mobians grew as one of the most accepted cultures on Earth, many choosing to live in the northern United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. They were even more quickly accepted than theSangheili, Humanity's greatest ally.

At this, members of the Mobian House of Parliament (described in this chapter of the UNSC Galactic Codex) were immedietely chosen for representation

Current Adventures Edit

As of 3235 onwards, the group had gained several Human members and forged alliances. In mid-3235, the UNSC was invaded by the Terran Confederacy (possibly from another universe) and subsequently the Zerg. Following this, Earth and some of the Inner Colonies went into a rebuilding stage that was minor in essence. Then, following the Zerg's defeat in New Mombasa, the Freedom Fighters, as well as their Human companions disappeared aboard the UNSC frigate, but returned in 3238 (sans Phoenix) bearing bad news that could destroy the galaxy once more.

Themes Edit

The story in the begining of the series focuses on acceptance between the Mobians and Humans. Mobians see humans as demi-gods since they are often claimed to be the creators of their race. This is half true on the cosmic cloud's part. It goes to such an extent that Mobians created a religion known as the Church of the Ancients, a surprisingly large congregation which focuses on Humanity's achievements in the Universe. Unease forms between the Marines and the Anthros nevertheless and more-so once they arrive on Earth catching public attention, but by the second book, , set roughly a year after the first fiction, they are treated as fully functioning members of society, albiet with some curious glances.

This theme of co-operation also shows in the spin-off series, ODST Chronicles, where a multinational team of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers from Australia, Britain, Mexico, the United States, and Mobius work together to accomplish tasks. Racism is also shows as the Mobian squad member, Corporal Thomas Lucas is often made fun of because of his race.

Another theme of importance that made its way into the writings recently was love. In the second book, Chris begins to develop an attraction to the princess. He keeps this quiet to himself. By the next few books he starts becoming more open. By The Terran Incident, Sally admits that she has an attraction for him too and in Warpath, they have an intimite relationship. This of course, is kept away from the other canon characters until Sally's close friend, Bunnie Rabbot discovered their relationship through untimely means. She agreed to keep it quiet.

Main Characters Edit

Humans Edit

Christopher James Vennettilli

Ryan Liam Percy

Charles Finneus Madison (deceased)

Gerome Tyler Andsworth

Avery Junior Johnson

Jonathon Tobias Callard

Jonathon Thaddeus Everly

Jack Newton Velo

Jerra Hussein Jaffa

Wilhelmina "Billy" Lynn Maybell

Jose "Joe" Zapata Martinez

Alan Quiton Perry (deceased)

Matthew Gregory Mobius (deceased)

Donny Aldo Vennettilli (deceased)

Mobians Edit

Olgilvie "Sonic" Maurice Hedgehog

Miles Amadeus Prower

Sally Alicia Acorn

Maximillian Acorn

Alicia Acorn

Knuckles the Echidna

Quinten Horatio Quack

Thomas Lionel Lucas

Erik Dawson Kasper

George Clayton Swanson

Kylie Johanna West

Sue Marie Braden


The main genre of the series is set in science fiction and the author constantly maintains that his locations are set in real places in terms of astronomical positions. Each planet or system in his series does exist, none of these places are made up. The list of worlds that exist are:

Sol System - 0 LY from Sol

Earth, the homeworld of humanity, also the location of the Earth/Mobius warpgate.

Mobius System - 0 LY from Sol

Mobius , the de facto homeworld of the Mobians. Actually is Earth in an alternate future, 10,000 years from the current date. All human life on this Earth has been wiped out by some cosmic threat, alien or otherwise. Only radiation-preserved ruins of the largest cities remain such as New York, Toronto, San Fransisco, and Paris.

New Mars, the analogue of our Mars in the Mobius system. The planet is not inhabited and not terraformed. Mobian officials are exploring the surface through unmanned probes.

Alpha Centauri - 4.2 LY from Sol,

the first system other than Sol that humanity has ever travelled to. The system itself has five planets orbiting around it, two of which are inhabited. Alpha Centauri II is the only naturally habitable planet in the system

Orbiting around Alpha Centauri II is the only known water moon Ceta Centauri. The moon is nearly four thousand kilometers in radius, close to the size of Earth, however, the amount of water on its surface suggests that it was an extrasolar capture and its water melted, producing a Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere with traces of Xenon and trace Argon levels. Ceta Centauri lies barely beyond ACII's Roche Limit, which stops it from being torn apart by gravitational forces.

Epsilon Eridani - 10.5 LY from Sol

Second system to be reached by humans. Epsilon Eridani was originally the location of Reach, the UNSC's largest shipyard and military garrison of over 700 million residents. The vast majority of these were annihilated in September 2552 during a Covenant attack on Reach. Today, Reach is the site of the Epsilon Eridani Memorial Site, a large, 10 square mile memorial site complete with a museum showing Reach's past back to the initial colonization in the 22nd Century.

Reach also has the only moon in known space to have a system of rings around it. Csodaszarvas is slightly larger than Luna but is more dense, allowing for a generally strong gravitational pull of .81g. It is believed three million years ago, a comet crashed into the moon, carving out enough material and water-ice to create a rather captivating

The Epsilon Eridani system also contains planets such as Tribute, which fell prior to Reach, Circumstance, which was a planet famous for universities and courts of law, and Beta Gabriel, a relatively small research outpost only 14 million kilometers from Reach.

Eta Cassiopeiae- 19.42 LY from Sol

A G0V type star not too unlike Sol. Around this ball of gas orbits the jungle world Talahan V, a place where Chris Vennettilli fought during the Second Rainforest War, named so because of its location, despite not taking place on Earth like the first Rainforest War. The experience was a psychological nightmare for Vennettilli and he was diagnosed with PTSD, which he overcame in a few weeks, coming to terms with his squad being wiped out, both during and after the conflict.

Reception Edit

The vast majority of Chris000's works have been positively recieved, although there aren't much reviews to work on. The number of hits recieved per month suggest that people do pay attention to his work though and a very small cult following came from the works.

Many reviewers praise his attempt to create a crossover that seemed very difficult to be made, and had only been attempted a few times in the past. Some praise his attention to detail and realism as many of the locations that he uses in his fictions are based on real star systems or Earth locations. Also his writings exhibit some degree of Hard Science Fiction in terms of physics and elements (barring slipspace travel)

Despite the Canon/OC pairing of both Chris and Sally, some people consider it a functioning relationship as it was built up over time, a sign of a solid fiction coupling.

There has been minor debate as to whether Chris is Gary Stu. Some argue that his abilities of Conditioned Awareness, a learned equivilant to Bullet Time and the fact that he is a Captain at 21 years of age. On the other hand, it is mentioned that such an ability is learned and that the Marines were low on officers at the time of his drafting.

The only story that was considered to be 'negative' in a way was The Story of Mobius in which a reviewer claimed it to be "...atrocious storywriting". While it was true that he admitted the story was rushed and "flimsy".  

Links Edit - Chris000's homepage - The first and arguably the most popular in his series, garrisoning well over 3,000 hits, and currently has the most reviews - The Galactic Codex (A play on the Codex found in Mass Effect) is a detailed description of elements in the fiction. A story bible. Currently a WIP. - Warpath, currently the longest fiction boasting over 170,000 words and 31 chapters. It is the furthest set book in the timeline. - The Story of Mobius provides with a history of the fanon Mobius. - Rainforest Wars looks into Chris' career of a Marine. The Least popular in the series in terms of hits. - Infested provides a crossover with Starcraft, specificallt an assault by the Zerg on Earth. - The first part of the Starcraft crossover where the Terrans attack the Marines. - The earliest book ever writen by Chris000.

ODST Spinoff Edit - The first "short" story featuring an ODST as the main character. - The "prequal" to Factory Raid, and continuing the adventures. Also is the first "horror" fiction in the series.

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