The USM Esmerelda is of the same commercial scientific-study class ship that the USM Auriga was of, and it even has the same objective, study and transportation of live Xenomorph Specimens.

USM Esmerelda
Political information
Type of government

Commercial / Scientific Study / Transportation

Founding document



General Ronald Kelly

De facto leader

Standing Crew: 32

Executive branch

Science Officers: 4

Societal information
Historical information
Date of dissolution



2276 - 2284


The Esmerelda was built not too long before the Auriga. It has made many shipping runs, but mostly is a portable laboratory for the study of the Xenomorphs. In 2284 it was sent to the homeworld of the Aliens for a shipment run to bring a few Xenomorphs back to Earth for study. The Aliens broke out and quickly wiped out all of the crew that did not escape down to 5 survivors, all of which were killed save one, Dr. Cotlow, Chief Science Officer. After that, a strike team of 6 men was sent in to eliminate the rest of the Aliens, which was only 2 left, a single Drone and a Queen. The Queen manages to kill all of them except Pvt James Higgins, who escapes. It is unknown what happened to the ship, but it was most likely quarantined.

Known Crew-members

  • Military
    • General Kelly - Commanding Officer
    • Major Jeff Griggs - Warrant Officer
    • Colonel Greg Falser - Chief Engineer
    • Lieutenant Arnold Reese - Engineer
  • Science Crew
      • Doctor William Cotlow - Chief Science Officer
      • Doctor Amy Bueller - Science Officer
      • Doctor Dennis Warwick - Science Officer
      • Doctor Larry Whiteman - Science Officer

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