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Starter Teams

All the Mario characters with Final Fantasy and Slime will be at the start.

  • Mario and Luigi
  • Peach and Daisy
  • Yoshi and Birdo
  • Wario and Waluigi
  • Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong
  • Bowser and Bowser Jr.
  • Toad and Toadette
  • Baby Mario and Baby Luigi
  • Baby Peach and Baby Daisy
  • Rosalina and Luma
  • Toadsworth and Toadelle
  • Brighton and Twila
  • Toad's place and Toadette's place
  • Ottawa and Yoshi's place
  • Wario's place and Other Donkey Kong
  • King Boo and Boo
  • Paratroopa and Koopa
  • Petey Piranha and Piranha Plant
  • Pianta and Noki
  • Boo's place and Other Birdo
  • Mario's place and Bowser's place
  • White Mage and Black Mage
  • Ninja and Cactuar
  • Moogle and Slime
  • Dry Bones and Dry Bowser


  • Link and Toon Link
  • Zelda and Sheik
  • Ganondorf and Ganondorf's place
  • Samus and Zero Suit Samus
  • Pit and R.O.B.
  • Pikachu and Pichu
  • Charizard and Lucario
  • Jigglypuff and Wigglypuff
  • Squirtle and Ivysaur
  • Ike and Marth
  • Ness and Lucas
  • Kirby and Knuckle Joe
  • King Dedede and Meta Knight
  • Mr. Game and Watch and Miss Game and Watch
  • Snake and Gray Fox
  • Fox and Falco
  • Wolf and Wolf River
  • Captain Falcon and Samurai Goroh
  • Sonic and Metal Sonic
  • Blaze and Amy

Cup Unlocks

  • Special Cup: Win all cups with a Mario character or a Canadian character.
  • Lightning Cup: Get all trophies after unlocking Marth and Ike.

Ghost Unlocks

There will be only Mario/Final Fantasy/DragonQuest themed courses.


Course Ghost
Toadette's Band Room Toadette and Toad
Yoshi Fails Birdo's place and Yoshi's place
Birdo Desert Birdo and Yoshi
Noki Bay Noki and Pianta
Mario Circuit Mario and Luigi
Luigi Circuit Mario and Luigi
Bowser's Castle Bowser and Bowser Jr.
DK Trips Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong
Peach/Daisy Circuit Peach and Daisy
Koopa Falls Koopa and Paratroopa
Pass Lead Toadette's palce and Toad's place
Mage House White Mage and Black Mage
Wario Palace Wario and Waluigi
Wario's Stadium Wario's place and DK's place
Dry Dry Bones Dry Bones and Dry Bowser
Rainbow Road Rosalina and Luma


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