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The Ultimate Party characters are tough, but Bowser can be playable when Ottawa can be playable.


There are a total of 8 games, but Bowser is not a playable character until Ultimate Party 4, but DK also can be a non playable until Ultimate Party 4.

  • Ultimate Party - Ottawa, Brockville
  • Ultimate Party 2 - Ottawa, Brockville
  • Ultimate Party 3 - Hamilton, Twila, Brighton
  • Ultimate Party 4 - Toadsworth, Ottawa
  • Ultimate Party 5 - Corning
  • Ultimate Party 6 - Oshawa
  • Ultimate Party 7 - Birdio
  • Ultimate Party 8 - Bordo


Game Dispriction
Ultimate Party First game, but the place of Birdo can be in the day, Toadette in the night.
Ultimate Party 2 Second game to feature Birdo and Toadette's place as a non playable. Last game to feature Toadette place.
Ultimate Party 3 Only game to feature Hamilton and Brighton in the day and Twila in the night.
Ultimate Party 4 Last game to feature Super Mario Bros. Z to be playable.
Ultimate Party 5 First game to feature Brighton, Twila and other 5 characters to be playable.
Ultimate Party 6 First game to feature Ottawa's partner (sometimes) in Mario games.
Ultimate Party 7 First game to feature Oshawa as a playable.
Ultimate Party 8 Final game of the series. This is the final game to feature Toadsworth and other characters to be a playable.

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