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Ultimate ShowDown (also known as Ultimate Show-Down or Ultimate Showdown) is a game that features characters from anything and everything. It features characters from different companies and even real-life characters.



The game features the Story, Arcade, Training and Museum modes.

Character CreationEdit

Character Creation from Soul Calibur IV is exactly like this. Instead of including original weapon styles for use with certain classes of fighters, Ultimate ShowDown allows players to choose moves and finishers. A wide array of pieces of equipment and clothing are available for use in Ultimate ShowDown's Character Creation mode, and options include a wider range of character voices and the ability to change their pitch. The player may also change a character's general physique and muscularity.

In addition, equipped items now also affect a character's statistics. Armor, weapons, and accessories may increase health, attack or defense; they may also grant skill points that allow the character to equip special traits that affect the character's playstyle. These traits range from automatically triggered guard impacts, the ability to cause damage against a blocking opponent, or even a stat increase based on parameters such as an opponent's alignment or gender. Standard characters are also able to be modified in this way to a modest degree, allowing custom costumes and skill sets to be used in Special VS. mode. Custom characters can still be used in Standard VS. mode, but without any of the special abilities gained through equipment or weapon choice.

One profile is allowed for offline versus mode, meaning that only one profile's created characters can be loaded at a time.

Active Matching BattleEdit

Multi-fighter battles in Ultimate ShowDown use a different structure from its predecessors, nicknamed Active Matching Battle (AMB). Similar to the tag system of games such as Soul Calibur IV, the AMB system allows players to switch to other members of a 'party' of fighters mid battle. Also, instead of starting a new round for each opponent defeated, new opponents will simply run into the battle immediately after a K.O. - with the exception of certain combatants. Matches utilizing the AMB system only appear in the Story and Tower of Lost Souls modes.


Ultimate ShowDown features a Finisher system. Next to a player's Health Meter is a colored gem that represents the "Gauge". The gem changes color when the player guards and is attacked. The color gradually changes from blue to green and eventually to red and then flashing red. The player's own Gauge will regenerate if he or she makes an attack and hits the opponent (guarding or otherwise). If the character manages to empty out the opponent's Soul Gauge, he or she will get a short chance to perform a powerful Finishing move, which will defeat the opponent instantly, by pressing all four face buttons at the same time after the player destroys a piece of armor (characters will now show permanent signs of visual damage such as broken and torn clothing) or breaks the opponents guard. Each character has his or her own personal Finisher move.

Online battlesEdit

For the first time in the series, Ultimate ShowDown has the option to fight against other players online. Versus-modes available in online battles are Standard VS (for classic matches) and "Special VS" (for customized characters). Created characters are playable in the online multiplayer mode.

Playable CharactersEdit

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Battle ArenasEdit

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