This is the third story in Ultimo X VI.


Ultimo A is seen traveling to the Bithrian Kingdom. Ultimo A is soon kicked out since he is the son of Ultimo X the betrayer. Ultimo A doesn't want any trouble so he decides to leave. Ultimo A then finds Azrael's Castle. Ultimo A asks if he could stay here, but Azrael refuses. Ultimo A then finds Bell & Chance's house. Ultimo knocks on the door and this happens:

  • Bell: Who is it?
  • Ultimo A: Your brother Ultimo A.

Bell opens the door.

  • Bell: Come on in, your just in time for dinner.
  • Chance: Hey Ultimo A, I haven't seen you in a long time. 'Hugs him.'
  • Ultimo A: Yeah hey, so Iv'e got a question for both of you.
  • Bell & Chance: What is it?
  • Ultimo A: Can I please stay with you guys?
  • Bell & Chance: Yes!
  • Ultimo A: Thank you very much.

(More coming soon)


(Coming soon)

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