Ultimo X *Red eyes*
Ultimo X
Real Name Ultimo Xcalibur
Height 6'2"
Weight 200 lbs.
Resides Earth
Origin Heaven
First Appearance Ultimo X
Species Human




Allies God & The Angels


Ultimo A



Bell & Chance







Darth Raiden

Jade Wong

Enemies Lucifer (Satan)


Demons & Hell Itself


Stentch Beard


Weapons Fists



Death's Scythe

Animal's Weapons


Fighting Styles Way of Ultimo X Fighting Style
Alignment Good & Evil

Ultimo X is one of God's angels that were sent to Earth to protect anything that threatens it. Ultimo is often described as the Ultimate Hero and the Ultimate Villian.


Ultimo Origins

In Ultimo X Origins, God tells him that he'll drop him down to Earth to protect it from demons. Ultimo X was first sent to fight alongside Moses when the Pharaoh of Exodus was not reasonable with him. Ultimo X and Moses had to also protect the people from demons who would try to capture them.After that, Moses thanked Ultimo X for all that he has done.

Ultimo X then traveled to Rome. In Rome, he lived in a simple life until he was captured by Roman soilders and sold to fight in the Arenas. Ultimo X had been the most skilled fighter in the Roman colossium. Ultimo X was then fought by another skilled glatiator that was never defeated. Ultimo X eventually beat him. Ultimo X also later let all the slaves go and led them to freedom and Ultimo rebeled against Rome. The night he let the slaves go though, it was revealed that demons were attacking the place and that they were killing civilians. Ultimo X had then killed all the demons and he was Rome's hero.

Ultimo X

In this event, Ultimo X has formed a team that'll help him stop the demons in the city of Union. He also has traveled to two alternate time peroids were he goes to the Wild West and another time were he goes to a pirate like time.

Ultimo X II: The Star Wars

In Ultimo X II: The Star Wars, he's the only member in Union protecting the city. He first fought Bossk, a trandoshan bounty hunter, and became the victor. Bossk was then killed by Starkiller who then fought alongside Ultimo X as he completes his journey.

Ultimo X III Love Lost Inferno

Ultimo X is sent on a mission by God to defeat Lucifer, the devil. Ultimo X asks how will he do this, God says that he will soon find out. Ultimo X is sent to the battlegrounds to train with his friends while his girlfriend, Christina, stays at home with Ultimo X's family member, Black Jack. While out training Raba, Red, and the others are decide to take a break. Ultimo X stays and continues training.

A few minutes after training, Assassin Num. 17 swoops down and kills the unexpected Ultimo X. Ultimo falls on the ground while 17 runs. Ultimo X gets on his knees looking at the blood drip from his head. Ultimo states that he's going to kill him chasing after him until the unexpected happened. The Grim Reaper came in front of him saying that it's his time to go. Ultimo refuses and battles Death for his life and soul. After the battle was fought, Ultimo came out the victor.

Ultimo X had now wield Death's syth. Ultimo put it on his back along with his other sword and decided to keep it for future use. Ultimo X is a spirit now trying to call Red's name as he comes to see that Ultimo is dead. Red then calls the rest of the teamates and then sees that he is now dead. Red promises to avenge his death by killing whoever did this to him. Red calls the base as Christina awnsers it to find out that Ultimo is dead. Christina bursts into tears while BJ holds her.

Ultimo X still at the battlegrounds is pacing around his dead body still lying there he steps into his body and becomes alive again. Ultimo then runs at the house finding that Christina is laid out on the ground having her breast out and with a sword stabed threw her. Ultimo runs in the house while carrying Christina placing her onto the table and then starts to cry a little yelling no making a dent into the wooden wall.

Ultimo X then then turns to see Christina and sees that her soul is flying away. Ultimo sees a shadow that says that she's mine now. Ultimo realizes that it's Lucifer and chases him. There is a giant hole in the ground where Ultimo X jumps into falling down chasing Lucifer for Christina. Ultimo X hears a voice that is familiar to him and sees that it's Red in his mecha along with Raba right behing him. They all then land on top of a giant lava like demon then jump off of it and then fall further and then land. Ultimo X and the others look behind them to see Lucifer flying away with Christina. Ultimo tries to go and save her, but many of Hell's minions attack him. The three then battle everything that comes near them.

Ultimo X IV

After the death of Ultimo X caused by Lucifer, the Ultimo X team has broken up and are now scattered around the world. Ultimo X has arisen and is searching for his teamates.

Ultimo X first goes to find Christina. He finds her and she says that she is going to be married to Ryan, a vampire she was supposed to be married to generations ago. Unkowingly to Ultimo X, she has already had her and Ultimo X's children amd the only person that actually knows it other than her is Red, since he helped deliver the baby.

Ultimo X then leaves without saying a word and meets up with Raba who's happy to see him alive. They then make a plan to kill the one known as Ryan to stop the wedding, then kidnapp Christina, and then hope everything is well. Ultimo X and Raba brake into the Bithrian Kingdom fighting the knights, vampire beasts, and guards. They make it into Christina's room where he finds Ryan starting to strip Christina of her clothes. Christina is shown to have tears in her eyes and she is then happy to see Ultimo X and Raba. Ryan turns around to fight Ultimo X and Raba, but as he was, Ultimo X speared Ryan through the window, falling over 20 stories to the ground.

Raba jumps out with Christina on his back. Ultimo X and Raba then stand and fight off with Ryan and Bithrian Knights.

Ultimo X V

In Ultimo X V, Ultimo X finds out that he has five children. Ultimo X then turns all of them to the age of 16 and 17. Ultimo X then tought them how to use there powers and teach then sent them on different missions to see if they're tough enough to handle the Bithrian Kingdom.

Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars

In SSBSW, Ultimo X apears as a playable designer along with his Beast transformations as playable characters. He is an all-around character.

Soulcalibur IV

Want to make Ultimo X in SCIV? Here's the formula: Gender : Male

Style : Yeung-Sung

Neck : Dueler's Necklace - Color 1-2 (9; 01, 12)

Undergarments : Usuper's Suit - Color 1 (9; 01, 32) Color 2 (01, 01)

Upper Body : Leather Vest - Color 1 (9; 02, 32)

Arm : Dueler's Gloves - Color 1-3 (9; 01, 32)

Lower Body : Dueler's Breeches - Color 1-2 & 4 (9; 01, 32) Color 3 (9; 02, 24)

Leg : Leather Boots - Color 1 (9; 01, 32)

Physique & Muscularity : P= -40 M= +14

Voice : Male Voice 2 Pitch : -10

Hair : Short Range Color 1 (9; 01, 01)

Face : Male Face 2

Eyebrow Color : (9; 01, 32)

Eye Color : (9; 02, 17)

Skin Color : (2; 07, 09)


Ultimo X

  • Has claws sharper than Wolverine and as long as Sabretooths.
  • Has metal gloves which he hides his nails from people.
  • He has the abilities of an vampire and he's also a vampire.
  • Has and can grow wings of a dragon aswell as breath fire.
  • Super-human strentgh.
  • Can run 20x faster than Flash, Sonic, and Hermes.
  • Has a fighting style similar to Batman's, Kratos', Ryu's and Spider-Man's. But has his own as well.
  • Can stay the same age as long as he wants (Ultimo chooses 17)
  • Has a techniqe were he does a gun hand using his index and middle finger and then uses all his stregnth and hits them in the heart. The opponent then goes into a coma.
  • When bloody or beaten,he could become berserk and could me a little more powerful, faster, and crazier.


  • Can mostly do anything the Hulk can do but he is 10x as strong and is more associated with using his spikes.
  • In this form, he could actually talk.
  • Some descride this form as the demon inside Ultimo X. But his real demon form is much more devestating.

Demon X

  • The demon form is a mixture of the berserk form and Beast.
    • His eyes glow red and never seem to stop.
    • Can be able to call out demons to kill his opponent(s).
    • Is in love with the Demon Christina.

God X

  • This form contains electirical based abilities and is his most powerful form yet.
    • Can use electricity to fly.
    • Can throw lightning bolts at opponents.
    • Can summon electrical meteors.
    • Can make a electrical "wave" shockwave.


Music Themes

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