Ultimo X

Ultimo X (UF Render)

Ultimo X's Ultimo Fighter Render.

Debut Ultimo X (???)
Availability Starter
Speed A

Jade Wong

Ultimo X is the main character of the series having the same name. Ultimo X is one of the top characters since he has the best speed and has pretty powerful attacks.



Ultimo comes up to Jade Wong and helps her up and says, "I wasn't here to stop you, I was here to fullfill my duty."

Ultimo walks up the stairs with Jade's bow in his hand and shoots it at the mystical Aura and the universe gets saved from all evil.


The savior of the universe, Ultimo X is God's angel sent down to Earth to rid of all demons and other evils that threaten it. Ultimo X might just be a hero, but he has also been know as a villian for his stealings and assassinations for money. It's unknow if he'll be a true hero or villian.

When he and Red had figured out how to get into other universes, Red had accidentally made a merge with different universes causing many fights to start happening.

Ultimo X had first met Raiden and CheerCheer and had fought them and also met S-984 who he also fought, but Ultimo's greatest battle was against Jade Wong, a modern Timekeeper, who Ultimo X has fought still to this day.

Battle Quotes

  • "You suck!"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Is this supposed to be a fight?!"
  • "Huh..."
  • "Oh my goodness!"
  • "This gots to be a joke."
  • "Bitch!"
  • "What's the matter, do you suck?"
  • "Hahaha!"
  • "Water Bend!"
  • "This will be a pain, in your ass!"
  • "Hey!"
  • "Who the hell are you?"
  • "You're pissing me off!"
  • "Aaaaagggghhhh!"
  • "I'm Ultimo X, and I'm about to whoop you're ass!"
  • "Ugh."
When facing certain characters
  • (when facing Christina)"Let me show you how it's done, Christina!"
  • (when winning against Christina)"Christina, I'm bumping you tonight."
  • (when facing Darth CheerCheer) "Are you seriously Raiden's friend?"
  • (when facing Darth CheerCheer) "That was to easy!"
  • (when facing Darth Raiden)"You're not going to beat me!"
  • (when winning against Darth Raiden)"That was the dark side? That is what I call weak."
  • (when facing Jade Wong)" Finally! This'll be a match to remember."
  • (when winning against Jade Wong)"I won, I won, I won against Jade Wong!"
  • (when facing SPARTAN-984)"You shall be the last spartan to be alive."
  • (when winning against SPARTAN-984)"You could have at least been more of a challenge."


  • Three quick punches.
  • Turns into a polar bear and smacks the opponent with his paw.
  • Grows a dinosaur tail and turns around and slaps the opponent with it.
  • Gives a 15 punch combo.
  • Does a flip kick.
  • Does a push making the opponent fall straight to the ground.
  • Flip kick then push.
  • Water whip combo.
(Many more, but not to be displayed).
Special Attacks
  • Fast Escape: Ultimo runs off one side of the screen and comes back into frame on the other side.
  • Across the World: Ultimo dashes superfast against his opponent three times, sending the opponent into a spin.
  • Ultimo Flurry: Ultimo unleashes a superfast attack combo on his opponent.
  • Teleport Flurry: Similar to Flurry Punch, but first Ultimo runs off one side of the screen and into the other side, attacking the opponent from behind.
  • Teleport Uppercut: Ultimo dashes forward and uppercuts his opponent.
  • Super Uppercut: Ultimo runs off the side of the screen and then hits his opponent hard with an uppercut from behind.
Hyper Combo (Finishers)
  • Ultimo Attack: Ultimo X does multiple punches and kicks then trips the opponent and breathes fire making them burn.
  • Ultimo Animal Attack: Ultimo X turns into a pteradon slaps the opponent with his wings twice and flys up while the opponents in the claws of his feet. Then does a flip slaming the opponent one the ground and then flys back up and does another flip and thurns into a whale squishing the opponent. The whale Ultimo X whinks.

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