Ultimo X II: The Star Wars
Ultimo X II The Star Wars

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Released About to be announced soon
Genre(s) Fighting/Action/Adventure
Mode(s) Single Player, multiplayer, online multiplayer
Ratings ESRB: T
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Ultimo X II: The Star Wars is the second installment in the Ultimo X series and will be the first crossover in the series to feature Star Wars.





  • Jedi-Sith War
    • Conflict on Coruscant
  • Great Mecha-War


  • Pirate's Cove
  • Union City
  • Wild Wild West

Sentient species

  • Gen'Dai
  • Gran
  • Human
  • Kaleesh
  • Leprethaun
  • Mecha
  • Nautolan
  • Neti
  • Rodian
  • Kel Dor
  • Togruta
  • Vampire
  • Whiphid
  • Wookiee

Known Enemies and Bosses

The boss and sub-boss characters to appear are:

  • Luke Skywalker - Jedi Master. May be the last boss of the game for Darth Raiden.
  • Boba Fett - Bounty hunter. A boss after betraying Darth Raiden.
  • Cade Bane - Bounty hunter. Fought by Christina.
  • Cilghal - Jedi Master. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • Corran Horn - Jedi Master. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • Jacen Solo - Jedi Knight. Fought by Raba by being mistakened as an enemy.
  • Jaina Solo - Jedi Knight. Fought by Raba by being mistakened as an enemy.
  • Kam Solusar - Jedi Master. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • Kenth Hamner - Jedi Master. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • K'Kruhk - Jedi Master. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • Kyle Katarn - Jedi Master. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • Kyp Durron - Jedi Master. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • Leia Organa Solo - Jedi Knight. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • Mara Jade Skywalker - Jedi Master and Luke Skywalker's wife. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • Octa Ramis - Jedi. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • Tionne Solusar - Jedi Master. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • T'ra Saa - Jedi Master. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • Tresina Lobi - Jedi Master. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • X2 - Jedi Master. Fought by Darth Raiden.
  • Han Solo - Captain of the Millennium Falcon. He is supposed to be more of a victim than an actual enemy.
  • Electrops - An electrical humanoid. Fought by Beast.
  • Mecha-161 - The commander of the Mechas. Fought by Ultimo X and Galen Marek.
  • Mecha-Dragon - A giant advanched Mecha. Fought by Christina.
  • Mecha-Scorpion - A giant advanched Mecha. Fought by Raba.
  • Mecha-Spider - A giant advanched Mecha. Fought by Red.
  • Owlman - Hell's Minion. Fought by Darth Raiden then later by Ultimo X.
  • Prince Brian Alucard - The brother of Christina. Fought by Ultimo X and Galen Marek.
  • Seargent Cammando - A U.S. military unit and creater of Mechas. Fought by every playable character.
  • Stentch Beard - A pirate that sails the seas. Fought by Ultimo X while being assisted by Skeletor.

Common enemies include the following:

  • Asterian Beast & Beast Riders
  • Bithrian Knights
  • Damned Crusaders
  • Fiendss
  • Gluttons
  • Gorger Worms
  • Mecha-1 to 160
  • Tormented Shades
  • Vampire Beasts
  • Vampire Humans
  • All Terrain Armored Transports
  • All Terrain Scout Transports
  • Force Warriors
  • Jedi Archaeologists
  • Jedi Archivists
  • Jedi Battlemasters
  • Jedi Brutes
  • Jedi Geologists
  • Jedi Guardians
  • Jedi Healers
  • Jedi Historians
  • Jedi Instructors
  • Jedi Knights
  • Jedi Padawans
  • Jedi Shadows
  • Jedi Snipers
  • Jedi Trainers
  • Jedi Weapon Masters
  • A-Wing starfighters
  • B-Wing starfighters
  • V-Wing airspeeders
  • X-Wing starfighters
  • Y-Wing starfighters


While still in the Jedi-Sith War, Darth Raiden has found out that there are portals that the Jedi have created to go to different worlds eaisly instead of going through space. Darth Raiden finds one of these portals on Coruscant and goes through it to find a city that has been torn apart.

Darth Raiden explores this city as he approached by a Mecha. The Mecha points his gun at him and tells him to surrender. Raiden just simpilies slices the Mecha with his lightsaber. Raiden continues to search the city for any Jedi that might've gone through.

While in Red's lab, he has used his portal to use it to travel to different worlds. He finds one called Coruscant and asks if anyone wants to go through it ending up with Raba going to Coruscant. Red pulls up another planet called Naboo, Christina volunteers for this one and is kissed by Ultimo X passionatly and then leaves to the planet. Red then pulls up a planet called Cloud City. He asks Ultimo X is going through this one, but he says with the Mecha-War going on, he's staying in Union. Red instead goes through the portal. Ultimo X then feeels a strong prescence and a door is busted open to find Bossk. He charges at Ultimo X and they fight each other.

Raiden could feel all the force sround the streets ending him up on a street with a war going on between Mechas and Military Units. Raiden charges at them and then a Jedi leaps before he could reach them. This Jedi was X2. Raiden and X2 had dueled each other for a while, but with Raiden ending up the victor. Raiden then headed to the war killing everybody there. Raiden then decides that he'll stay and fight on the planet known as Earth.

Bossl had given up and then Ultimo X had sent him back through the portal. Right before he was sent back through the portal, his head was sliced off and out came Galen Marek. Ultimo X was ready to fight, but Galen said he didn't want to fight him but joins forces with him to defeat a threat called, Nova. Galen told him about Nova and that he will destroy the galaxies. Ultimo X and Galen then joined forces, for now at least.

Raiden still fought the Mechas that came to him. Raiden was unstoppable, until a giant octopus like creature came from a hole in the ground. He also had many demons come through the hole with him. It was King Minos from the first circle of Hell along with his minions. Raiden fought Minos and all of demons eventually defeating them and continued the mission to search for more Jedi.

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