Is a 2011 Ultra Series and this series was remake of the Original Ultraman with 6th Generation Scene and 3D Scene. this Series was running on Cartoon Channel at 12:30pm.


In the year of 2015, an evil alien name Alien Zetton arrived to invade the earth with this the Earth Defense Force unable to stop the Alien The SSSP was formed to stop the Alien Zetton. One Occasion, Shin Hayata one of the SSSP Member was Crashed by a Giant Red Ball and this Giant Red Ball revealed to be a silver red giant hero Ultraman as an Exchange Ultraman choose Hayata to be his Human Host to fight Alien Zetton and give him the Beta capsule so that he can transform into Ultraman if needed. By Episode 5 man named Kyotaro Kagami who transformed into Mirrorman to helped the Original Ultraman.


  • Shin Hayata: the main character of the series aswell the Human Host of Ultraman

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