Is a 2011 Tv Series and the new ultra series. Ultraman 97 started on 29 July at Cartoon Tv on 1:30pm.


Earth was peace until, a new alien race named Zaryuu Invader came to earth to conquere it they sent a new Kaiju to threaten the Earth the Earth Military Force unable to stop the monster aswell the new earth defense force A.E.D.F ( Anti Evil Defense Force ) an Unexpected appearance of Ultraman Jack appeared to stop the Lion Mantis Kaiju and only to be defeated by the Monster. before the monster killed the silver red giant hero a young man named Kai Kagura took the Jet Rocker G35 of A.E.D.F only to be crashed by the monster. Ultraman approached the young man and offered him the 97 Spark with the young man accepted his offered and transform into Ultraman 97 to face the kaiju managed to overwhelm him. after the hero defeated ShiJaKiri signed of the new battle had begun.


A.E.D.F ( Anti Evil Defense Force ) is a new Earth Defense Force was sent to stop evil threat whenever it is come the member consist of:

  • Kai Kagura: is 19 years old student from ChouSekai College who become Ultraman 97 to defend the earth and save the earth from evil threat.
  • Capt. Goh Hideki: the human host of Ultraman Jack he transform into Ultraman Jack to face ShiKiri only to be defeated and unable to transform into Jack anymore he was given offer by Hiryu to joined them as their 2nd Captain
  • Hiryuu: the team most hot headed guy who often to fight enemy for the team and aswell himself.
  • Den: the calm guy who had no few words aswell the smartest of the teams.
  • J.K: the tomboyish girl who had cold towards to the team.
  • Erika: the girl who had nothing but cheerful person. she support the team from A.E.D.F Base.

ChouSekai College:Edit

is a University college that come from Gale City below is the name of the student who attended the ChouSekai College:

  • Rei Jackson: is Half Europe and Japanese 19 years old boy. he's the best friends of Kai Kagura.
  • Jay: is an American 20 years old boy. he's one of Kai Kagura's best friends
  • Wong Lee: is an Chinese 19 years old boy. he's one of Kai Kagura's best friends.


is an alien race came from the Land of light Nebula M78 to defend th earth and prevent the evil from destroying the earth. below is the Ultras that appeared in the series:

  • Ultraman 97: is junior of the original Ultraman and he was sent by him in order to saved the earth he choose Kai Kagura as his human form.
  • Ultraman Jack: is the fourth ultra brother who came to earth ShiKiri but was overwhelmed by the monster almost killed by the monster.
  • Ultraman: is the second ultra brother and the one who gave 97 Spark to Kai Kagura aswell sent Ultraman 97 to earth.

Zaryuu Invader:Edit

is a group of invader who came to earth to conquere it the group consist of:

  • Garulz: the leader of the Zaryuu invader who came to it and aswell want to invade it.
  • Chay: who assist Garulz.


  • 97 Spark: the transformation device of Ultraman 97 resemble Beta Capsule
  • Mini Gun: an original hand gun able to fire a laser.
  • Mini Saber: a powerfull saber that able to hit an alien
  • Rocket Launcher: able to weaken monster enough.


  • Jet Rocker G-35: is the main aider fighter that was used by A.E.D.F.
  • Sky Lander: is the second main aider fighter that was used by A.E.D.F.

List Of Episodes:Edit

  1. The Invasion, First Battle, and New Hero
  2. Second Battle, First Victory, New Challenge
  3. Trial, Forest, and Ancient.

Theme Songs:Edit

Opening Themes:

  1. Anything Goes!


the idea was taken from the series of:

  1. Kamen Rider OOO
  2. Kamen Rider W
  3. Tensou Sentai Goseiger
  4. Ultraman Leo
  5. Ultraman Cosmos
  6. Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy
  7. Denji Sentai Megaranger

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