Harry Potter. Ron and Hermione are expecting their first child, although there is more than meets the eye as Hermione relises the baby is the daughter/son of satan.


"I'm pregnant", Hermione bursted out. Ron grinned so widely that his face nearly cracked. "Yes", he yelled and he ran up to her and kissed her. They kissed for five more minutes.

"Ron, when should we tell our family", she asked. "We will announce the pregnancy in our usual friday night", he told her.

The Weasley, Potter, Black (Andromenda), Lupin and Granger. It was an family reunioun once an week, to celebrate after an hard of work.

Hermione and Ron usualy took Hermione's parents to the Burrow, so they could get to know each other. Jane and Molly became friends, and Arthur bugged David to no end about muggles.

Bill and Fluer Weasley had four children. The eldest was Victorie, and then Louis, and then Dominique and lastly Summer.

Charlie had revealed he was gay, and was married to Oliver Wood. The family were okay about this.

Percy and his wife, Penelope, had two children. Molly and Laura, who was named after Penelope's dead aunt.

George was married to Katie Bell, and Katie was pregnant with Thriplets, which annoyed her to no end about the lack of comfort.

Harry and Ginny had six children, which was over the top. First was James, then Albus, then Lily, then Ryan, then Remus and lastly Zoey.

Ron and Hermione, however, had been trying for an baby ever since baby Remus was born, and they had finaly found their wish.

Ron kissed Hermione's tummy, and started speaking to the belly. Hermione thought this was perfect.

Friday Nights

Ron and Hermione flooed to the Burrow, and chaos ensured. James and Ryan ran up to Ron and hugged him. James was seven, and Ryan was three. "Uncle Ron", they yelled in unison.

Albus, Molly and Dominique are talking, and Katie was teasing Teddy as he had an crush on Vicotire, who was oblivious.

"Oh thank goodness you's are here. Dinner's ready", she yelled. Since there was too many, they all bought trays and were eating in the lounge.

Hermione saw Ginny feed Zoey, and Ginny gave Hermione an sad smile. Everyone thought Hermione couldn't have an baby.

"Listen, we have something to tell you guys", Ron broke away her thoughts. Hermione gave them an shy smile as both stood up.

"I'm pregnant".

Everyone smiled and told them congratulations. Molly yelled, "About time", and gave Ron her back breaking hug.

Soon, it was midnight. Ginny, Zoey and Remus was asleap on the couch. Penelope and Percy seemed to be sleaping on the floor with their children.

They had been celebrating, and Molly decided to make them all stay over. Charlie and Oliver sleaped in Charlie's room.

Bill, Fluer and their children sleaped in Bills room. Percy, Penelope and the children woke up and went to Percy's old room to sleap.

Harry and Ginny and most of their children went to sleap in their room. James offered to sleap in the lounge to keep Teddy company.

Ron and Hermione went to thier bed, and their night ended when Ron told her he loved her.

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