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Underworld: Resurrection (also known as Underworld 5) is a 2013 American action horror film directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein. It is the fifth installment in the Underworld film series. This films stars Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman and Saoirse Ronan.




  • Kate Beckinsale as Selene
  • Scott Speedman as Michael Corvin
  • Saoirse Ronan as Hannah Corvin/A vampire, Michael's niece and Selene's enemy
  • India Eisley as Eve
  • Mackenzie Foy as Rhonda
  • Emma Bell as Sarah
  • Rooney Mara as Hayley
  • Kate Mara as Vivian/Hayley's sister
  • Caitlin Carmichael as Young Hannah Corvin
  • Jason Isaac as Damon Corvin/Hannah's father and Michael's brother
  • Morgan Lily as Annie/Rhonda's new friend


Sarah hide when she watch her boss killed by the Lycan when she is hide and called MichaelEdit

  • (Sarah walk)
  • Mr Walker: What the fuck you talking about.
  • Lycan #1: Where is she.
  • (Sarah hide in the air ducts)
  • (Sarah move slow)
  • (Phone ring)
  • Mr Walker: Hello.
  • Sarah: It is me.
  • Mr Walker: Hi, Julie.
  • Mr Walker: How are you.
  • (Mr Walker walk)
  • Mr Walker: Where are you.
  • Sarah: I am hide in the air ducts.
  • Sarah: Tell them, I am in your daughter's house.
  • Mr Walker: Sarah.
  • Sarah: Fucking tell them.
  • Sarah: Or tell them, I am in Spain.
  • Mr Walker: OK.
  • Sarah: I need to talk Michael.
  • (Phone ring)
  • (Michael walk)
  • Michael: Hello.
  • Sarah: You said you have nightmare.
  • Michael: Yes.
  • Sarah: A fucking monster try to find me.
  • Michael: That woman.
  • Sarah: No, A Lycan.
  • Michael: Lycan.
  • Sarah: Yeah.
  • Lycan #1: You are lair, she is here.
  • Mr Walker: No.
  • Lycan #1: Who was talking to.
  • Mr Walker: My wife.
  • Lycan #1: No, Sarah.
  • Lycan #1: One chance, where is she.
  • Mr Walker: Fuck you, go to fucking hell.
  • Michael: Sarah.
  • Sarah: Oh god.
  • (Lycan #1 cut Mr Walker's head and blood)
  • (Blood on Sarah's face and hand)
  • (Mr Walker's body explosion)
  • (Blood on Sarah's body)
  • (Sarah scream)
  • (Lycan #1 saw Sarah and move fast)
  • Sarah: Michael, they are after you.
  • Sarah: Get out of here.
  • Sarah: I meet you at home later.
  • Sarah: Don,t go home without me.
  • (Michael run)
  • (Sarah scream)
  • (Sarah run to the lift)
  • Sarah: Shit.

Michael run away from Selene and Eve and Sarah is attack by Vampire and LycanEdit

  • (Phone ring)
  • Sarah: Come on, Michael.
  • Michael (voice): This is Michael, please leave the message after the beep.
  • Sarah: Shit.
  • Eve: Hey.
  • Sarah: Who the fuck are you.
  • Eve: What you think.
  • Sarah: My daughter.
  • (Scene)
  • (Michael walk)
  • (Phone ring)
  • Michael: Shit, come on, Sarah.
  • Selene: Who is Sarah.
  • (Selene grab Michael's neck and groan)
  • Sarah: What you mean, you are Michael's daughter.
  • Eve: I am same as my father and my mother, Selene.
  • Sarah: Selene.
  • Eve: You do know her.
  • Sarah: Yes.
  • Eve: You are vampire.
  • Sarah: Yes.
  • Eve: You are not his wife.
  • Sarah: No, I am not.
  • Sarah: What your name.
  • Eve: Eve.
  • (Michael hold the gun to Selene)
  • Michael: Stay away.
  • Selene: What happening to you, Michael.
  • Michael: I am normal.
  • Selene: We has a daughter.
  • Michael: Me and Sarah has daughter, she is dead.
  • Selene: Who is Sarah.
  • Michael: My wife.
  • Selene: I don,t think she is your wife.
  • (Phone ring)
  • Michael: Hello.
  • Sarah: I found somebody who is your daughter.
  • Michael: Tell her she is crazy.
  • Sarah: She told me, her name is Eve.
  • Michael: What.
  • Sarah: Her mother is Selene.
  • Michael: Oh no.
  • Selene: I told you so.
  • (Lycan run to the car)
  • (Sarah scream)
  • Michael: Sarah.
  • Sarah: You need to run away from her.
  • (Lycan run to Eve and Eve scream)
  • (Lycan bite Eve)
  • Sarah: Eve.
  • Sarah: Run, Michael.
  • (Michael hit Selene and run)
  • (Sarah driving the car)
  • Eve: NOOOOOOO.
  • (Sarah found the gun)
  • Sarah: Hey, you monster fucker.
  • Lycan: Huh
  • Sarah: Leave her alone.
  • (Sarah shot Lycan 9 time and Lycan's hand on Eve's stomach)
  • (Blood on the 3 line)
  • (Eve scream)
  • Sarah: Shit.

Michael revealing Sarah is not his wife of 7 years then they were saved by SeleneEdit

  • (Eve gasp and bleeding)
  • (Sarah move Eve in the sofa)
  • Sarah: Michael.
  • (Sarah run)
  • Sarah: Michael.
  • (Michael grab Sarah)
  • Sarah: Easy.
  • (Michael try attack Sarah, Sarah duck)
  • Sarah: Come on, Michael.
  • Michael: Who blood is that.
  • Sarah: Your daughter.
  • Michael: Don,t talk about my fake fucking daughter.
  • Sarah: This is true.
  • Michael: Are you vampire or a human.
  • Sarah: I am human.
  • Michael: You are dirty lair, YOU ARE VAMPIRE.
  • Sarah: Michael....
  • Sarah: I am, half vampire and half human.
  • Sarah: Look, in the sofa.
  • (Michael saw Eve in the sofa)
  • Michael: I am going to kill it.
  • Sarah: No.
  • Eve: Daddy, Daddy, I know you are here with Sarah, she say she was not your wife....
  • Sarah: Shit.
  • Michael: Are you my wife or not.

Hannah bring Rhonda back to lifeEdit

  • Vivian: Hannah, are you sure that will bring Rhonda back to life?
  • Hannah: I'm sure.
  • Vivian: Or we can get a doctor.
  • Hannah: I don't give a shit about doctor.
  • Hannah: Did will wrong or you can go to hell, you two.
  • Hayley: Fine, come on, let Hannah be alone, Vivian.
  • (Open then close the door)
  • Hannah: I am sorry, Rhonda, I was captive for 18 years at Antigen like your mother, but 12 years
  • Hannah: Everything changes.
  • Hannah: You'd be dead for 18 years too after get shot and shot dead, looked after Vivian and Hayley.
  • Hannah: I hope it will work.
  • (Hannah mix the blood)
  • Sarah (voice): She put the reborn things on the blood.
  • Selene: Which one?
  • Sarah: The stone.
  • Eve: What color?
  • Sarah: I don't know, it'll change color.

Selene bring Sarah back to life by being a vampireEdit


126 mins

It will be distributed by Screen Gems and Lakeshore Entertainment.

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