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Underworld: Resurrection (also known as Underworld 5) is a 2015 American action horror film directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein. It is the fifth installment in the Underworld film series. This films stars Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman.




  • Kate Beckinsale as Selene
  • Scott Speedman as Michael Corvin
  • Theo James as David
  • India Eisley as Eve
  • Emma Bell as Sarah
    • Ashley Boettcher as Young Sarah
  • Dylan McDermott as Detective Daniel Carter/Sarah's partner and love interest
  • Michael Ealy as Detective Sebastian
  • Rooney Mara as Hayley
  • Kate Mara as Vivian/Hayley's sister


Daniel makes a move on SarahEdit

  • (Daniel driving the car)
  • Daniel: What happening with the captain.
  • Sarah: I got suspended.
  • Daniel: For what, letting the suspect go.
  • Sarah: Yes.
  • Daniel: Do you wanted to talk about it.
  • Sarah: No.
  • Daniel: Are you sure, Sarah.
  • Sarah: I got worst fuck up day ever.
  • Sarah: I got no gun, no badge, I got nothing.
  • Daniel: You got me, your partner.
  • (Sarah grunt)
  • (Sarah open the door and walk out of the car)
  • Daniel: Sarah, Sarah, oh, come on, Sarah.
  • Daniel: I am sorry.
  • Daniel: I am sorry I make you as a idiot.
  • (Sarah walk and Daniel following Sarah)
  • Sarah: What the fuck was that you just say to me.
  • Daniel: You got suspended.
  • Sarah: I know that, I got Michael who is at work and I got you, my partner become as a fucking idiot or fucking asshole.
  • (Daniel grab Sarah in arm)
  • Daniel: I care about you.
  • Sarah: Whatever, you are joke.
  • (Sarah laugh)
  • Daniel: I am joke, OK, Detective Sarah Cassidy.
  • Daniel: You was missing for 6 years.
  • Sarah: I know that.

The battle getting tougherEdit

  • Sarah: Michael.
  • (Sarah run to Michael)
  • Michael: Come on.
  • Sarah: Listen....
  • Michael: We are in deep shit.
  • Sarah: Michael, listen...
  • Michael: You are her clone, Selene told me the truth about you.
  • Michael: Get it.
  • (Daniel watch Michael and Sarah)
  • (Daniel run with holding the gun)
  • Sarah: Danny.
  • Daniel: Where is she.
  • Michael: Who.
  • Daniel: Your girlfriend.
  • Michael: Sarah is my girlfriend.
  • Daniel: No, she is not, the vampire warrior Selene is your girlfriend.
  • Sarah: She is his lover, not me.
  • Sarah: Daniel, I am so sorry.
  • (Daniel angry face)
  • Sarah: Daniel.
  • Danny: What.
  • (Werewolf behind Daniel)
  • Michael: Look out.
  • Daniel: Huh.
  • (Daniel saw werewolf and werewolf roar)
  • (Werewolf bite Daniel in the neck)
  • (Daniel scream echo)
  • (Selene gasp)
  • Selene: Sarah.
  • (Selene run)
  • David: Selene.
  • Selene: They need my help.
  • David: Who.
  • Selene: Michael and Sarah.
  • (Werewolf kick Michael and Sarah and Michael and Sarah groan)
  • (Werewolf run)
  • Daniel (groan): Sarah.
  • Michael: Stay here.
  • Sarah: The moon.
  • (Full moon)
  • Sarah: Shit.
  • (Daniel vomit)
  • (Werewolf running then stop)
  • (Selene holding the gun)
  • (Selene shooting the werewolf 19 time)
  • (Daniel grunt and groan)
  • Daniel: Get the fuck away from me.
  • Sarah: Daniel.
  • Michael: No fucking way.
  • Sarah: What.
  • Michael: Run.
  • (Sarah and Michael run)
  • (Daniel's werewolves face and Danny roar)
  • (Daniel run to Sarah and Michael)
  • (Daniel push Michael very hard)
  • (Michael take his clothes and Michael roar)
  • (Michael turning the lycan/vampire)
  • (Daniel as werewolves and Michael as lycan/vampire fight)
  • (Daniel punch Michael and fight)
  • (Selene jump)
  • Selene: Michael.
  • Michael: Selene.
  • (Daniel look at Selene and running at Selene)
  • (Sarah shot Danny in the back 25 time)
  • Sarah: Leave her alone, leave her alone.
  • David: Selene.
  • Selene: Get Eve.


126 mins

It will be distributed by Screen Gems and Lakeshore Entertainment

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