Political information
Type of government

Democracy consisting of Council of elected leaders from each universe

Head of State

Council Leader

Head of Government

The Council


Supreme General

De facto leader

Sparty McFly

Societal information


Official language

English, but several other languages


The credit

National holiday

Freedom Day

Historical information
Formed from

4% of the known universe not under Imperial control


Imperial Era

The Unified Gaming Empire, abbreviated UGE, is a small multi-dimensional government established amongst five major game dimensions. Consisting of 4% of the non-Imperial controlled Universe, the UGE stands for peace, and has not made contact with the Empire yet, which has assured smooth sailing for the UGE.

The UGE was formed during the Clone Wars, about 20 BBY, before the Galactic Empire, when five frontier dimensions used a series of interdimensional networks called the Conduit to establish contact with each other. They eventually formed an alliance. An uneasy one, but an alliance nonetheless.

Eventually the alliance solidified and plans for a charter were drew up. Shortly afterwards, the Unified Gaming Empire was formed.

The UGE has so far lasted a total of 20 years and has not made contact with the Empire. That may end up changing, however.

The starships of the UGE consist mainly of designs borrowed from Homeworld and other works (which is ironic, considering the Empire possesses the Homeworld dimension too).

Member Universes

Need for Speed: The Grand Finale

Hot Wheels Season

Hot Wheels: Speed Machines

SOCOM: US Navy Seals: Welcome to Paradise

Battlefield: Warzones


The UGE was formed a few years before the Galactic Empire took shape, which means it was formed in the Republic era of the Star Wars universe and several unlistable eras of different other universes.

First Ergs

Somewhere in 10% of the non-Empire opressed or controlled universes, several universes existed. It is unknown who created these universes, or why they were placed outside of the Empire's jurisdiction, but it is generally not asked about. Each of these universes was faceted towards either racing, combat, or a combination of the two.


There are several branches of military in the UGE: the main Army (fielding several billion soldiers, and several million MBTs, runner vehicles, helicopters, and other weapons), the Navy (on the ground, fields around ten million ships with at least one billion servicemen and other assorted personel: in space, fields around forty million powerful starships, not counting strikecraft or space stations), the Air Force (consists of ten billion fighter and strikecraft, half aerial, half space-usage, a select few both), and Special/Black Operations (around three million soldiers are enlisted in Spec Ops).

Behind The Scenes

Sparty McFly made this article, inspired after he saw Calthrina950's Galactic Empire article. As such, the universe consists of fanon gaming works and is a literal diamond in the rough.

Should the Empire ever invade, there will be plans put into place to temporally shield Terra from time and space provided Calthrina agrees. I will not let the UGE be taken control of unless it absolutely must be.

Currently this is work in progress and as time and effort are put in the UGE will be more complete. Right now the article is based off Calthrina's Empire article and will be built up as more effort is put into it.

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