United Earth
Political information
Type of government

Democratic Republic

Founding document

Earth Constitution


Earth Constitution

Head of State


Head of Government


Societal information


State religious body

Haven Order

National holiday
  • Earth Day
  • United Earth Day
  • Founder's Day

Amazing Grace

Historical information
Formed from

various countries and groups

Date of establishment

2115 CE

Date of reorganization

35,009 CE (into the Federal Republic)


Common Era

The United Earth was the name of the Human government prior to the establishment of the Federal Republic in 35,009 CE. The United Earth, led by a President, had a democratic government that was able to sustain itself for over thrity thousand years. It is said that its complete history would "fill a thousand libraries".


The United Earth was born with the signing of the Earth Constitution. 2115 CE, during the end of World War 4. During that time, the Humans began the salvation program in hope to achive greatness back in the 21 century, they later invented the warpdrive, allowing Earth to become the capital of the United Earth and would remain that way for thirty thousand years. The United Earth was created by the Founders.


Early HistoryEdit

Human-Nazaj WarEdit

Auslese WarsEdit

The end of the United EarthEdit

File:United Earth territory.jpg

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