The United Embassies Military, or UEM, is the Military of the super-faction of Humanity known as The United Embassies of Humanity.


The United Embassies of Humanity is divided into 3 major divisions:

  • United Embassies Ground Forces (UEGF)
  • United Embassies Control (UEC)
    • High Embassy

History of the United Embassies of Humanity

In the year 2028, humanity was beginning to become more, together. There were less wars, less conflict, all the nations of Earth began to coexist thanks to the efforts of the United Nations of Earth, established by the UN back in 2021. The UNE founded many corporations which helped hold Earth and all of her colonies including the United Planet Covenant, UPC, the Alliance of Earth Governments, AEG, and the Sol Alliance, which was the last to be established nearing the end of the year 2047. With the recent springing up of many corporations, they allied, to form, the United Embassies of Humanity, in the year 2050.

Three years later, in 2053, the UEH did what it was born to do, explore the outer most reaches of space. UEH scientist and civil engineer, Zachary Adrian, created the first engine capable of creating a Worm Hole. This engine, known as the ZAW Emitter, Zachary Adrian Wormhole Emitter, was fitted on the newest class of ships known as Jumpers. They were medium sized vessels which were used by the UEH to get around the Galaxy quicker. By 2077 all UEH Embassies were using atleast 7 fleets of these, and each year, 4 to 12 new colonies were formed outside of the Sol System.

Upon colonising these worlds, the UEH encountered several hostile lifeforms, none very intelligent, so they formed the United Embassies Military, or UEM, to contain and regulate these lifeforms to make the colonies safe for civilians. In the year 2080, humans expanded out, beyond their galaxy for the first time... and met an alien race, known as the Purists. The Purists told humanity to return to their galaxy, or suffer the consequences. The UEM did not listen, and UEH Jumpers began arriving in the Andromeda Galaxy one year later, little did Humanity know, the UEH had just sealed Humanity's fate...

In the year 2081, the Purists returned to the Milky Way, and this time they brought weapons, fleets of thousands, and allies. An alliance of hostile extra-terrestrial lifeforms that came to be known by the UEM as The Zodiac. This alien covenant on a genocide against humanity began destroying the colonies worked hard to be created by the UEH and began working their way inward to the heart of the 'Human Empire', the Sol Colonies. The war officially started on July 2nd, 2081, when the Jumper Colony ship, known as the Henrietta Marie, was destroyed. The UEM became the governing military force sent to combat the Zodiac, and was held to their job by the rest of humanity, blaming them for getting them into this 'mess'

Now, it is the year 2099, and humanity has been fighting the Zodiac for 18 years. The human Colony, named, Adonias, is the site of the largest battle thus far in the Human-Zodiac war. It is the last of the Border Colonies surrounding the Sol Colonies, and the Zodiac, once they learned of the location of the Border, they passed by all surviving other Colonies and struck directly at these 13 colonies, the first colonies founded outside the Sol Planetary System. The Border Colonies emit radio waves that hide the location of Earth. If Adonias is destroyed, Earth's location will be revealed on alien radars. Hopefully though, they can use this charge of arrogance the Zodiac did to get the upper hand, hopefully.

UEGF Ranks

  • Private
    • Private (Pvt)
    • Private First Class (PFC)
  • Corporal
    • Lance Corporal (LCpl)
    • Corporal (Cpl)
  • Sergeant
    • Sergeant (Sgt)
    • Staff Sergeant (SSgt)
    • Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt)
    • Master Sergeant (MSgt)
    • Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGySgt)
    • Sergeant Major (SgtMaj)
  • Lieutenant
    • Second Lieutenant (2ndLt)
    • First Lieutenant (1stLt)
  • Captain (Capt)
  • Major (Maj)
  • Colonel
    • Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol)
    • Colonel (Col)
  • General
    • Brigadier General (BGen)
    • Major General (MajGen)
    • Lieutenant General (LtGen)
    • General (Gen)

UEC Ranks

  • Crewman
    • Crewman Recruit (CR)
    • Crewman Apprentice (CA)
    • Crewman (CM)
  • Petty Officer
    • Petty Officer 3rd Class (PO3)
    • Petty Officer 2nd Class (PO2)
    • Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1)
  • Chief Petty Officer
    • Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
    • Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO)
    • Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)
  • Ensign (ENS)
  • Lieutenant
    • Lieutenant, Junior Grade (LTJG)
    • Lieutenant (LT)
  • Commander
    • Lieutenant Commander (LCDR)
    • Commander (CDR)
  • Captain
    • Captain (CAPT)
  • Admiral
    • Rear Admiral Lower (RDML)
    • Rear Admiral Upper (RADM)
    • Vice Admiral (VADM)
    • Admiral (ADM)
    • Fleet Admiral (FADM)

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