Written by Lexie, Mina Skywalker, Shelbs, spindoctor, Gemmin, Wrong Arturo, Nekka


Lexie looks up from the paper she was reading and notices for the first time that the door is wide open. After sticking her head out and glancing around, she walks out and goes to the right.

Lexie hears talking and ducks behind a column. What she hears makes her blood go cold. [ "Yes, Mr. spindoctor. By the way, you have very beautiful eyes." (Mina) "Okay, you better go now, Miss Skywalker." (spindoctor) As Mina turned, she whispered, "You filthy humans will never find the answer. This will always be your unsolved mystery." ]

A feeling of dread flows through Lexie as she realized that the Kromaggs had invaded...and it looks as though spindoctor is going to be their next victim.

Lexie (And so Season Three begins)


Mina sat in silence as Mary spoke to her from a small communicator.

"Have you made any progress with your human subjects?" Mary said.

Mina replied, "Yes, the human named spindoctor is trying to extract information about our 'experiments' on their unwanted refugees. I think he will make a much better subject than Lexie or Shelbs. He may know more about them than he tells me. I have made an airtight story so that they will think I am just a witness. Little do they know......"

Mina flipped around. Lexie was creeping past her room. Mina and Lexie locked eyes. Lexie knew something. And Mina would make sure she was the only one that knew anything. Because soon Mina would get rid of her. The Kromaggs would triumph.

Mina (start dramatic music)


A manta ship hurtles through the sky on a collision course with the ocean. Some distance away a lone figure parachutes towards the safety of the ground.

"Well, so much for an inconspicuous arrival," Shelbs says aloud to herself as she floats toward the ground.

After several tumbles, she frees herself from the parachute with a knife she pocketed before jumping. Taking out a small tracking device, she sets out on her course to find....

We interrupt this program with the following special report.

Sorry, couldn't resist ;D



After almost passing out from fright after locking eyes with Mina, Lexie keeps going. She realizes at that moment that she has no choice...Mom has to be called again.

Lexie locates an empty office and enters it. After bolting the door behind her she grabs the phone and sits down in the corner. Placing the phone in her lap she takes a deep breath and chickens out...leaning her head back against the wall she drifts into her memories.

Gemmin is standing in the middle of them...Lexie, Lexie2, and Shelbs. "They're letting me go," Gemmin says.

All around gasp. "Why?" "How?"

Gemmin holds up her hand and says to them, "There are strings attached. I can go back to our earth (when Gemmin says "our", she looks first at Lexie then at Shelbs) if I continue to give them reports."

Lexie2 bursts into tears as Lexie and Shelbs slowly shake their heads. "You can't," says Lexie..."It just isn't right!" interjected Shelbs.

Gemmin knows deep down that she should stay with her three friends. She had been watching out for them for so long that she would miss them terribly, but she has or had a family to get back to. Gemmin straightens her back and gathers all of her friends in a hug and whispers urgently..."If you ever need, but to protect me and yourselves, NEVER call me by Gemmin, but by Mom. This will protect all of us."

Suddenly a wormhole opens up behind the women and singles Gemmin matter how tightly the three held onto her they knew it would do no good. "Shelbs, here is my necklace; it will protect you. Watch over my Lexie's."

A noise outside the door pulls Lexie back to the present. Slowly she exhales as the footsteps move past the room she is hiding in.

"There is no avoiding it. I have to call her. We need her help."



spindoctor was visibly tired as he emerged from the lab. What he expected to be a routine meeting had turned into a marathon session of several days. Exhausted, he tried to sort out all of the information that had been discussed as he drove home.

The lab boys had been very busy indeed. When he first arrived at the lab earlier that morning (it seemed like so long ago), he was shown a demonstration involving vortexes of all manner of color, size, shape, and orientation. Vortexes were opened, closed, and repositioned at will.

Then he had been shown the device that had started it all, the one dropped by Lexie2, or rather a copy of it. They had made several duplicates of the device. The technology wasn't terribly sophisticated, surprisingly. The device was basically a modified Panasonic Television remote control unit. spindoctor mused, 'only slightly ahead of our time.' By now, spindoctor had arrived home. He grabbed a quick bite to eat, and quickly fell into a deep sleep ...

spindoctor (Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z)


Her steps slowed considerably as she neared the building. The sense of dread that hung over it was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Which reminded her she was hungry. But there was no time for that so she crept closer. The signal was strongest here. Shelbs knew Lexie was inside. A painful memory came back to her.

Pace. That's all she could do was pace. Throwing up her hands in desperation, Shelbs exclaimed, "Gemmin asked me to take care of them and what have I done? Nothing! Lexie's already bugged and Lexie2 is next."

She had already figured out the necklace was a key of some sort, but even if it did open the force field guarding her door, what would be next? Where would they go? How would they...?

"What was that?" A sound brought her back to the present. It had only been the slight scuffle of footsteps but something told her to run. She took off toward the building, no longer worried about how to get in. Once in the door it was actually easy. No one even questioned her being there.

She rounded the corner, checking several doors as she went. She came across one that was bolted shut. She walked away but something like intuition told her to take a second look. Through the small window-like cutout in the door she could just make out a figure sitting in the corner. It was Lexie.

Not wanting to just stand there, and not wanting to make too much noise either, she ducked into another room.

"I'll wait a few minutes and see if she comes out on her own."



Gemmin was reading a little known book called "Sliding: A Study of Physics and Spatial Travel Without Ever Leaving Your Home." Gemmin fondly looked at the dedication: "To Gemmin, for everything. Our friendship, four lives live."

It was a little known book by Doctor Quinn Mallory. It was published shortly after his return to the University from a five year absence. When he returned, Mr. Mallory and his wife, Wade, published a brilliant doctoral thesis of spatial physics. Dr. Mallory then announced his discovery of "sliding." The University mocked him and called him a hoax, a fraud. Dr. Mallory later rescinded his discovery and laughed, agreeing such a notion was not possible and better left to that of science fiction, not science.

Dr. Mallory and his wife later went on to write a series of fantastic science fiction tales, each dealing with a world similar, but not quite the same as the world of which we live. Dr. and Mrs. Mallory shrouded their lives in secrecy. They made seldom appearances and interviews. On those few appearances, the message was always the same: Beware of the beings mentioned in all of his books called the Kromaggs. They will try to conquer the human race. Prepare to take arms upon invasion.

Leon smiled politely and complimented Dr. Mallory on the realism of his books. Letterman did a top ten Kromagg list. O'Brien dressed up as a Kromagg, and Regis publicly asked the Kromaggs to spare New York. Art Bell did take Dr. Mallory seriously, but it was superseded by another comet that could be seen without a telescope.

Gemmin saved everything. Each interview was duplicated upon her library of tapes. Each book was replicated in all languages and print sizes. Money was little object. She blinked, her eyelids sliding over the stainless steel orbs that replaced her original eyes, once consumed on another world. She took a sip of cocoa, laced with asper bark tea. It was a low impact pain killer and it seemed to relieve the never ending aches her body plagued her with.

The telephone rang. "Mom?" a frightened voice whispered from the darkness somewhere outside. "Mom, I escaped. I'm scared..."

"Child, meet me at book three, page 495 in ten minutes." "My eye, Mom, they took my eye. Nothing there."

"My dear baby, listen to me. We can replace your eye. Promise. Time is crucial. We must hurry."

Gemmin went to her bookshelf to double check the code. She should be right, but just in case, she could not afford to make a mistake. Doctor Mallory did more than write superior science fiction. He created a survival plan for the human race within the pages, if you knew where to look.

Gemmin took one last swallow of cocoa and hurried to begin the first step in healing another nightmare. Let's hope she will be strong enough, Gemmin thought as she opened the door.



Mina licked her lips. It had been so long since she had last tasted a human eyeball. She needed to wait to satisfy her craving. One of her friends had taken the eye of a human. One of "Mom's" girls.

The last eyes Mina had had were a long time ago. It was a warning. Doctor Quinn Mallory had been warning people of the Kromaggs' attack plans. Several weeks after the first warnings Mrs. Wade Mallory was suddenly struck blind. Mina savored the memory.

She then became sick. Why was she doing this? It was sick. Mina clutched her stomach, remembering the horrible torture she went through.

Back a long time ago, she remembered being with Mom, Lexie, Lexie2 and Shelbs. They had known each other. But how....... Mina moved her hand to her face. She first ran her fingers through her blond hair. Then she touched the glasses, making it possible for her to see.

It then struck Mina. She was not a Kromagg. She was a human, genetically altered and mind altered to think she was one.

She needed to help Lexie, Lexie2, Mom and Shelbs.

At the Kromaggs' main base on Earth 113, Mary's head jerked. On the computer it showed that Mina, the first altered human, was experiencing her human thoughts and emotions. Well, it was time to increase the Kromagg stimuli.

Mina's head ached suddenly. Like a million voices cried out at once. Mina couldn't think. What was she supposed to do?

Oh, yes, find Mom, Lexie, Lexie2 and Shelbs. And kill them.

Mina Skywalker


Taking a deep breath, Lexie picks up the phone and dials. The ringing was long and after a few minutes Lexie hangs up with a sigh. "Where could she be?"

The fear of seeing Mina again after all these years was receding, but the knowledge that Lexie2 was about to turn herself over spurned her on.

After carefully placing the phone back the way it was, Lexie walked to the door and unbolted it. Slowly opening the door to a crack she looks left and right...all clear, Lexie thinks to herself. Stepping out of the room, she was surprised when a hand reached out and grabbed her arm...



spindoctor awakens and goes about his morning routine slower, more pensive than usual. Realizing that he will be too busy to investigate the alien craft, he sits down and fires off an email to Nekka, "Hi, Nekka. I'm giving you another chance. I need you to go up to Santa Barbara and investigate the recovered alien craft. They will be expecting you. -- spindoctor"

Surely, he thinks, Nekka won't lose something as big as that.

Finally, he turns his attention to the control unit, placing it on the table in front of him. As he stares at the unit, thoughts from the meeting once again begin to flood through his mind. The lab work had been very useful but painstakingly slow. Left to themselves, they would be satisfied to spend the next several years doing their little tests. But spindoctor needed answers quickly. He would have to field test the device himself. Suddenly a vortex opens in the room. Quickly he reaches for the control unit and presses a button. The vortex closes. The control unit readout indicated the source of the other signal, and it was of unknown origin.

"This could be very useful," he thinks as he presses the button to store the coordinates in the unit's memory. In his haste he presses the wrong button. Instead of saving the coordinates, a huge vortex opens up outside of the house, up in the sky. It grows until it blocks out the entire sky. Descending, it swallows everything in sight. Seeing the vortex through the window, he pushes a button on the control unit, but it is too late. The vortex passes over the entire planet. Several minutes pass, accompanied by swirling colors, and an odd falling, slipping, sliding sensation. The colors and the sensation eventually die down, and all is as it was before ... or is it?



Meanwhile, the solitary figure of a female stood outside a phone booth. This is the woman who had been at the safe house, the one called Lexie2. In her desperation, she had planned to give herself up to the Kromaggs. Having escaped from the safe house, she came to her senses a little more. Still terribly upset, she had called "Mom." Now she began to analyze her situation.

I have such a pounding headache, "Lexie2" thought. I can't believe all I've been through in the past year. Trapped on board that awful Kromagg ship with Gemmin, Shelbs, Mina, and Lexie. They finally managed to get my eye. But they won't catch me again. Not ever. 'Cause I've got an ace up my sleeve.

The female figure reached down to her belt, and pressed a button on a small, barely noticeable device on the side of her belt. Suddenly, the image flickered and faded, and a 20ish, tall, thin, blond-haired young man appeared where the female had stood only seconds earlier.

Fortunately on his world, the technology of holographic disguises was not uncommon. It was used for costume parties usually, but when the Kromaggs had invaded his world, he had made sure to dig up the hologram emitter he used last year for Halloween and switch it on before he was captured. The Kromaggs never knew about this device on his belt, and so now he would be able to move around in safety. The only people who knew were the other four humans he had made friends with on board the ship. He was not from the same world as them, but they accepted him immediately. Gemmin in particular had been like a mother figure to him--to all of them. No wonder when she left, she used the codename of "Mom."

He finally escaped from the ship by faking his death during one of their torturous interrogation sessions. The Kromaggs just dumped him on a world as "trash"--along with two others who had actually been killed by them. When the red vortex closed, he stood up to see something he had never expected to see--Lexie, of all people, standing in a phone booth. Astonished and not quite able to think clearly, he bolted from the scene.

After he stopped to think about things, he went back to talk to Lexie. Unfortunately, some people had come to take her away. He followed them back to the safe house where she was being held. Wanting to talk to Lexie, he had checked himself in. Now, after breaking out and not sure of what to do next, he found himself back at that phone booth. It was then that he remembered Mom's instructions for how to contact her if they ever got separated. Book three, page 495? He wasn't able to bring his manuals with him when he escaped. But if Gemmin meant what he thought she meant...

Life had sure thrown him some curves. To be a thin 22-year-old named Maximillian Arturo, he had discovered, was strange and out of the ordinary, hence the nickname "Wrong Arturo," or W.A. for short. To be captured by Kromaggs, and now to lose his eye . . . But he would be back with Mom soon. They'd all be together soon. And he'd finally start taking his life back.

Realizing he only had 10 minutes, he adjusted his eye patch and began running west as fast as he could.

The Wrong Arturo


"Shh, don't make a sound. It's me."

As Shelbs released her grip, Lexie turned and gave her a big hug.

"I'm glad you're here. We've got to get to Mom."

"Yeah, I agree. Let's get out of this place as quickly as possible."

With one step forward the room began to spin. It grew darker and Shelbs could have sworn her feet left the ground.

Just as quickly it was over.

"You OK, Shelbs?"

"I think so. Did you feel that?"

Lexie shook her head up and down emphatically. "I don't know what it was but now I really want to find Mom."

They stepped forward once more and this time nothing happened.

"What do you think about this guy spindoctor, Lex?"

"I don't trust him. Why? Where did this question come from?"

"You'll probably hit me for saying this, but...I wonder if we should help him discover the truth."



Nekka sat on an airplane on her way to Santa Barbara. She glanced down at her watch and then out of the window. The clouds streaked by, and she could see outlines of farm fields below. Did the clouds look different than usual? No, it's just a headache . . .

"I'm so glad spindoctor decided to give me another chance. I can do this, I can do this . . ."

She pulled out her laptop computer and began to type a reply to spindoctor. It read, "spindoctor, I got your e-mail, and I'm on my way to Santa Barbara. I should be there in about twenty minutes. = Nekka"

She closed up her laptop and sat back, closing her eyes . . .letting her mind wander.

An hour later, she was pulling up to the crash site of the alien craft. Several agents were patrolling the area, and before she could get close enough to catch a glimpse of the craft, she was pulled over by one of the black-clad figures.

"Can I see some identification, please?" one of the figures asked.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out her ID and security clearance.

"I'm here for Mr. spindoctor, he assigned me to investigate the craft." She made a nodding motion in the direction of the flurried activity.

The man had a weird look on his face, still holding her ID. It looked like he was about to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Nekka asked.

"No..nothing." he said, looking close to exploding with laughter. "I've...well, kind of heard about you!"

With an irritated look on her face, she snatched her ID from the man, and drove towards the craft.

She stepped out of her car and walked over to the craft. She was taken aback at the manta ship that sat partly lodged in the surrounding field.

"Wow! Cool!" Nekka said, fairly loud.

The scientists and agents around her looked up and exchanged curious glances.

A clean-cut young man approached her.

"Hello Nekka, I'm Dr. Bennish. I'm in charge of the investigation of this craft."

"Hello, Dr. Bennish. If we could, I'd like to get a look at this craft," she replied.

"Of course. Right this way . . ." They walked up to the partly excavated doorway of the craft. He ducked through the doorway, and Nekka followed suit, tripping over the entryway, and falling flat on her front on the floor of the Manta ship. She got up and tried to look dignified, picking up her laptop, which she had been clutching to her chest.

"Stupid heels. . ." she muttered, bending down to remove them.

"I'll, um, leave you to your work," Dr. Bennish said, trying very hard to keep a straight face.

As she watched him go, she took her heeled shoe, and chucked it across the interior of the alien craft. The heel got lodged in one of the control panels, and caused sparks to fly out of the panel. Lights started flashing all around, as the ship started powering up.

"Oh crap! Here we go again!"

The engines rumbled, and a siren sounded.

"I hate flying . . ." The ship struggled to dislodge itself from the ground, and after much noise, and scattering scientists, the ship rocketed off into the sky.



"Are you crazy???" Lexie whispers in a screechy voice. Shelbs looks around to make sure no one heard her friend's outburst and pushes Lexie back into the room she had just vacated.

After securing the door, Shelbs says, "No, I'm not crazy, just scared. Listen to me, Lex, spindoctor has done everything to help you and me. We both know it isn't because he cares about us, but we can use his curiosity for our own sake."

Lexie leans back against the wall and holds up a hand to silence Shelbs. "Let me think." Lexie decided then and there to tell Shelbs about Lexie2. "Shelbs, Lexie2 gave herself to the Kromaggs; she told me she was tired of running...the thing is, I think she had a plan, but she wouldn't risk either one of us."

Shelbs leans forward with a concerned look on her face. "Do you think she stopped the hologram and went in as W.A.?"

Lexie shakes her head. "No, he (notice the change in gender) has been playing at being my double for so long, I can't imagine her removing the image. Of course, I could be wrong."

Lexie and Shelbs fall into a deep thoughtful silence...

A commotion outside causes both Lex and Shelbs to duck. Catching bits and pieces of the conversations going by, Lexie hears them say something about a runaway flying saucer.

After the commotion died down, Lexie touches Shelbs' shoulder and says with a sigh of defeat..."Okay, let's go see spindoctor."



spindoctor is gazing out the window, lost in deep thought. Gradually the sense of something being out of place breaks his concentration. For a long time he is unable to determine what is bothering him. At long last it hits him. The moon should be in first quarter and visible in the bright sunlit sky, right through his window. He rushes outside, but still no moon.

"Nekka?!" he wonders. He is jarred from his speculation by the vibration of his beeper. As he picks himself up from the ground, he curses the "improvements" that the lab technicians have made to his beeper. Returning inside, he places a phone call, and acquires the information that an alien craft is maneuvering erratically along the California coastline and that the Santa Barbara base has been out of contact since the exact same time that the craft was spotted.

Sighing, he fires off an email to Nekka, "Please tell me that you are aboard the craft and that you are about to get it under control!" He decides that it is probably best not to mention the moon at this time.

Grabbing his briefcase and throwing the control unit into it, he then gets into his car for the drive to his office. As the garage door opens he is startled to see Lexie and Shelbs. Inviting them back inside the house he says, "It seems as though I've missed quite a bit. You've obviously gone to a lot of trouble to reach me here. Am I to assume that you now desire something from me?"



(Scene abruptly switches:) W.A. paces back and forth nervously on the beach. Where is Gemmin?? he thinks. I've waited here for her all night. She should have been here a long time ago...unless, of course, I followed the wrong instructions. Book 3 page 395...that was "Regroup at the beach and assemble strategy for Kromagg destruction," right? Or maybe it was "Go to the North Pole and build a snowman." I have no CLUE as to what she meant! If only I had been able to get out of the ship with my instruction manuals! Why does everything have to be so freakin' complicated?

Well, wherever I was supposed to go or whatever I was supposed to do, I can't remember. And Gemmin doesn't know where I am, and I don't know where she is. Think, think, think...what should I do? Well, my guess is that Lexie is still at the safe house. I think I'd better head back there and get some answers.

Wrong Arturo


Back to spindoctor's pad--

Lexie and Shelbs look at each other and shrug. After following spindoctor into his home they both feel a little out of sorts. Lexie begins by saying, "I realize how our showing up here may seem out of character, but we have discussed the situation and feel we can benefit by bringing you up to speed." Shelbs nods, but decides to keep her mouth shut (for now).

spindoctor nods back, but figures his best course of action is to stay quiet until these strange women who had dropped into his life said what they needed to say.

Before Lexie began she stood up and started pacing. As she passed by a darkened room she sees a timer. Stopping dead in her tracks she spins around and in an accusing voice says to spindoctor, "You already know."



Shelbs, who had followed Lexie's quick glance, got up to look into the room for herself.

"May I assume, Mr. spindoctor, that you know what that device is that you have on the table?"

"You MAY assume that."

"Hmmm. But I'm not so sure you understand the implications."

Shelbs studies the face of the man standing before her, but gets no answer.

"At least there's one fact we're sure of, we don't know just how much to trust each other. But here's the deal anyway--we want you to help us find some friends of ours and we want protection. On our terms. Do we agree on this, Lexie?"

Shelbs turns her back on spindoctor to give her friend a quick wink.



"You may further assume that I realize why the two of you are here. I am your 'last resort', so to speak. If you had a better alternative available to you, then you would be elsewhere, and despite your bold facade, I'm sure you understand that before I commit any resources to finding your friends, you'll have to convince me that you or they are willing to help me solve these murders. I'm certain that you know a lot more than you've told me so far."

With that, spindoctor inserts a videotape into the player. The scene shows Lexie2 transforming into a young man.

"Perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me, but I don't recall ever having seen anything like this before. Is this my murderer?"



"You've lost control, Mary," Mina said. "The Kromaggs shouldn't have given you control of me. You've failed. I'm not under your control anymore."

Mary sighed. She said through the communicator, "I want you to return to Earth 113 right now."


"Don't test me, Skywalker. The high council of Kromaggs will not be happy that you have chosen to ignore us."

Mina pulled out a revolver from her coat. She said, "Ignore this, Mary."

Mina fired. The communicator went up in smoke. Mina thought for a second. They couldn't make her do anything, but the Kromaggs had poisoned her.

She turned the gun on herself.

She slowly pulled on the trigger.................


"Wait, I can't let it end like this!!!!" Mina said to herself. She slowly started to put the gun down.

Somebody burst through the door. They grabbed onto the gun.

"Mina! What are you doing? You can't let them win........"

Now I'm done, next!
Mina Skywalker-- Stayin' Alive


"Excuse me, Mr. spindoctor, can I help you?"

The man looked up nervously. "Uh, no, that's okay, thanks. I've got it under control."

"Okay," the disinterested orderly said and walked off.

As she walked away, the image of spindoctor flickered momentarily. W.A. smacked his hologram emitter a few times.

"Stupid piece of junk," he muttered. "You just can't get a decent hologram for $2.99 anymore."

With the disguise carefully back in place, W.A. kept going through the files at the safe house. He had already tried to locate Lexie and Shelbs' room, and they were not in it. Now he was trying to find out where spindoctor lived, hoping maybe he could ask him a few questions. He had made sure not to come here until after spindoctor had gone home for the night...

"Hey, Spindoc. I thought you had gone home for the night."

W.A.'s eyes shot up nervously. "Umm, yes, I had, uhhhh, Steve"--thank heaven for name tags--"but I forgot something here so I had to come back."

"Well, I didn't see your car out there."

"I, umm, got a ride from somebody."


W.A. pointed randomly to a girl across the room. "Her."

"Sally? Wow. I'm surprised she's even still talking to you--considering you dumped her for her SISTER two weeks ago!"

W.A. blushed, and the hologram was heat-sensitive so it did as well. "Look, Steve, I...gotta go."

"Okay. See you Monday."

W.A. smiled and then hurried down the hall. He just wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible...

As he went by a door that had been left slightly ajar, he heard the unmistakable noise of a gun clicking.

Every instinct in W.A.'s body wanted to just keep going. Every instinct, of course, except his giant hero complex. Somebody might be in trouble, and as much as he just wanted to get out of here, he had to do something. Sometimes a hero complex could be a real pain in the butt.

W.A. burst in the room and found Mina with a gun in her hand.

He grabbed the gun from her. "Mina! What are you doing? You can't let them win..."

"Mr. spindoctor?"

Suddenly W.A. realized he was still in disguise. He flipped a switch on his belt and changed the image to Lexie2. "See? It's me, W.A." (He didn't bother turning his hologram off 'cause most of his friends probably wouldn't recognize him.)

"Oh, W.A. I'm so glad to see you. I thought you had given yourself to the Kromaggs."

W.A. gulped, remembering how the Kromaggs had put her under mind control. "I could say the same about you."

"Yes, but I've beaten the Kromagg hypnosis," she explained. "I want to help now."

"Because you were our friend once, I'll have to take your word for it, for now, since I need your help," W.A. said with a sigh. "By the way, what was THIS all about?" he said, indicating the gun.

"Oh, that. Don't worry, I was putting the gun down when you came in anyway. That's not how I want to deal with this."

"That's more like it. Now let's get going."

W.A. put the gun in a bag filled with Lexie's and Shelbs' stuff. (He had packed up what little personal things they had been allowed to keep in a bag he found in Lexie's room.)

"Who's that?" said Mina as he opened the bag, revealing a photo of someone on top.

W.A. smiled wryly. "That's me...the real me."

"Oh, sorry." She felt embarrassed about not recognizing him, but this picture was the only way his friends had ever seen what he really looked like. He had spent all his time with them disguised as Lexie2.

"That's okay," he assured her. Then he added thoughtfully, "I wonder if anyone else remembers."

"It's been a long time," she noted. "Besides, the Kromaggs could have messed with the others' memories as well."

W.A. nodded. "Well, standing here worrying about it isn't gonna do us any good. Come on."

He switched his disguise back to spindoctor's (of course, he had it programmed so it looked like he had two good eyes).

"Are you escorting a patient to a new location?" Mina said with a smile.

"That's right," said the person disguised as spindoctor. "We're going to pay a little house myself!"

Wrong Arturo


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