Written by (in order of writing appearance): spindoctor, Lexie, Shelbs, Nekka, Mina Skywalker


"Or rather the witness looks exactly like you, and answers to your name. She seems to know you, and she seems to be frightened by you. So far, she hasn't told us anything about the device that she dropped. Frankly, she really hasn't told us much of anything. All of which brings me to my point. Have you regained any of your memory, and can you tell me anything about her? Also, we may be having some success in our treatment of one of the other witnesses. It might be helpful if the two of you were brought together."

spindoctor (and so begins season two)


Lexie doesn't trust spindoctor as far as she can throw him (which isn't far). Taking a deep breath she begins, "Okay, I appreciate you taking care of me when it looked like I wouldn't make it, but frankly I don't know what you are hoping to gain by picking my brain. Yes, I have some memory of my life (Lexie, in actual fact, had regained all her memory a few days before, but didn't want to play out her hand without seeing if spindoctor could keep his poker face), but I'm not sure if you are someone I can trust. I agree with you about meeting with the other patient. I would like to see how they are all doing. Is this possible?"

Lexie (uncrossing her fingers)


The scene shifts to what appears to be a normal hospital room. Shelbs slowly opens her eyes to find the world dark and blurry. Blinking hard, she focuses in on someone standing over her.

"What are you..."

"Shh, don't try to talk. You must save your strength."

"Where am I?"

"Mr. spindoctor will be in shortly. He will answer your questions." The nurse leaves but Shelbs is dissatisfied with having to wait for answers.

"I will save up my strength," Shelbs determines, "but I'll do it to get out of this place, not to meet with this spindoctor."

Shelbs (who is too weak to do anything except wait...for now.)


spindoctor abruptly ends his conversation with Lexie: "I'll see what can be arranged. However, I was hoping that you would wish to be more cooperative."

spindoctor returns to his office, knowing full well that it will be impossible to keep Lexie in custody indefinitely, especially if she experiences a full recovery, unless he can just get his hands on some solid evidence. Oh well, he thinks, there are still a few more tricks he can try before it comes to that.

spindoctor's office is small and cluttered. Stack of papers and publications occupy every visible surface, yet without hesitating spindoctor walks over to one of the stacks, draws out a notebook and begins writing in it, but is interrupted by a knock at the door. When spindoctor opens it, an aide hands him a note and waits. spindoctor reads, "Unsolved Mystery has just broken the Sliders NetForum all-time posting record with 53 posts!!" Angrily, spindoctor responds, "You blistering idiot! That's not at all difficult if you know what you are doing. Now get out of here and let me concentrate on the story."

Slamming the door, spindoctor resumes writing in his notebook. He is positioned with his back to the center of the room and does not notice as a small portion of the floor melts into a swirling red abyss which sucks into it a few stray papers. After a few moments, the floor is restored, and no trace of the vortex remains. Deciding to treat the new witness differently, spindoctor writes out a prescription for sodium pentathol, and proceeds to the medical unit to see Shelbs, figuring that the truth serum will be more effective on someone in a weakened state.



Scene shifts again...

Lexie is pacing the floor, when she hears a noise outside her door. Quickly she sits on the bed and pretends to be asleep (all the while looking through a small slit of her eye). The knob slowly turns and the door opens slightly. A figure moves into the room through the small crack and quietly shuts the door. Lexie is curious to see who her visitor is, but waits patiently until they move out of the shadows and into the light. When the figure did move into the light, Lexie sat up quickly and was off the bed in two seconds flat.

"spindoctor said you were afraid of me, but I didn't want to deny that charge because he might get suspicious."

Upon Lexie's quick move the figure threw her arms out and they hugged. Leaning back Lexie looks into eyes that are a mirror image.

Lexie2 says on a sigh, "I didn't know what else to do, so I allowed him to believe that. Unfortunately, he was correct in guessing my emotion, I am scared. Not of you, but for you. You know they are here."

Lexie nods quickly, but moves away from Lexie2 to look out the window.

Urgently, Lexie2 tries to get Lexie to listen to her. "You know you have to slide. You've got to keep running. They are going to find you and kill you, especially with the information that you have."

Bitterly, Lexie says, "You have that same exact info and yet you aren't running."

Sadly, Lexie2 shakes her head and says, "No, I'm not running. Not anymore. I've decided to..."

Lexie (NEXT)


At the medical unit, the truth serum has just been administered to Shelbs, but before it has had a chance to take effect, spindoctor is called away. Before departing, he turns to an attendant, whose name was Nekka, and leaves instructions. "Find out all you can about Lexie and Lexie2 from Shelbs. I have to check out two new developments. The lab technicians are ready to make a report on the electronic device dropped by Lexie2. Also, an alien craft has been recovered from the ocean near Santa Barbara. Both developments have been classified at the highest level, and they refuse to tell me any details until I get there. But first, I'll need to go back and check on Lexie. You know how to reach me, if you get any answers. Good luck."



"I've told you all that I know, honest!" exclaims Shelbs, irritated at being asked the same questions over and over again. "All I can remember is that I was on some kind of ship with Lexie. The two of us, among others (whose faces I might recognize, but I can't recall any names), were somehow able to escape. I remember nothing more."

At that moment a red vortex appeared in the ceiling. An upward force began pulling at Shelbs who was holding onto the bed for dear life. Knowing she had only one chance, she grabbed toward the table that held the necklace with the strange pendant that had been around her neck.

By moving she had weakened her grip and the vortex was able to claim its victim.



"Oh, crap!" Nekka exclaims, as the red vortex closes behind Shelbs. "How am I gonna explain this! My first day on the job and I've lost the witness! Oh, well, I'd better try and explain this."

She exits the room, and goes down the hallway, like a student going to the principal's office. She approaches the door to spindoctor's office and knocks gently.

"Come in," the voice says from within.

She steps gingerly across the threshold.

"Done so soon? What did you find out?" he asks, searching for some papers on the cluttered floor.

"Well, um, you see . . " she stammers, "the witness is, um ...gone."

"Nekka! You've got some 'splainin' to do! What happened?"

'Well, this BIIIIG red swirly thing came in and sucked her up . . " as she explains, she makes exaggerated hand movements and gestures of the suction of the wormhole. "...and then, it sucked her up in it like a giant vacuum. Really weird!"

"O.K. O.K. Now what do we do?" he says, a little more composed.

"Well, I dunno. You're the boss. Do you want me to interview anyone else? I promise I'll try my hardest not to let the big red swirly thing get them. Well, I'll try anyway."

spindoctor thought for a moment. He figured that Nekka better go for a psychiatric evaluation. But before he could do this he would have to talk to the new witness they had found. Some crazy loon, probably. They had already had a steady stream of those.

spindoctor said "You better go....uhhhh....guard the padded room.....just stay inside it with the door locked so nobody will come in."



Nekka saluted spindoctor and left to the padded room. spindoctor said to himself, "I have to stop hiring the boss's kids to work for me."

spindoctor left to see the new witness. The girl had a stupid grin on her face. spindoctor said, "Wipe that silly grin off your face!!!"

So as the witness rubbed vigorously on her mouth to wipe the grin off her face, spindoctor started the questions.

"Do you know who you are?" spindoctor asked.

The witness nodded. spindoctor waited for her to answer, but when she said nothing, he said, "And you are?????"

The witness looked at spindoctor. "I am Batman!"

spindoctor took the hint and gave the witness a Snickers bar.

The witness said, "My name is Mina Skywalker." spindoctor breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay, Mina, do you know Lexie or Shelbs?"

Mina nodded.

spindoctor then asked, "How do you know them???"

Mina replied, "That's for me to know and you to find out."

Mina Skywalker @@


It had been hours since spindoctor had visited and Lexie was getting antsy. Lexie2's confession had really given her food for thought, but no solutions had been thought of at this time. While she was pondering these thoughts, a red vortex opened in the wall and some papers flew out. As quickly as it opened, it shut again. When the vortex had shown up, Lexie had instinctively grabbed onto the most solid object she could find, which happened to be the door handle. It opened, but Lexie was unaware of this because her main focus was the flying paper that had come out of the red swirl. Snatching the paper from the air, Lexie reads spindoctor's thoughts. It was the report from the day she had run away. For some strange reason, Lexie found she hated the thought of spindoctor trying to figure out her mind.

With all the excitement of the last year of her life, Lexie just didn't know if she could take anymore...



She sat up quickly. It was dark but she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt where she was. With a start she frantically searched around her. Yes, it was still here. Her desperate attempt to grab the necklace had not been in vain. It also meant they had not yet tried to find her. Memories of the past were vague...bits and pieces that didn't quite fit together. But the memories of last night were quite clear. The vortex had carried her to them...had almost dropped her in their laps. But she had been ready. What she had learned from her previous escape allowed her to elude them rather well. It had taken all night to get to the manta ship and finally exhaustion had overtaken her. Now somewhat rested, she had no time to lose. She inserted the necklace-key in the "ignition" and began take-off. She hoped her year of flight lessons back home would pay off. The problem would then be getting anywhere unnoticed.

"I must find Lexie. Yes, that's what I'll do. She'll remember what happened. She can fill in the gaps. I just hope I'm not too late."



spindoctor stared straight at Mina. She hadn't answered anymore of his questions. He said, "Now, tell me, how do you and Lexie and Shelbs know each other?"

Mina thought she had been keeping him hanging long enough. "We went to the same so on earth.... I mean, at P.S. 113, back in grade three."

spindoctor breathed a sigh of relief as Mina told him the answer. He said, "Okay, Miss Skywalker, but I am afraid you have to go to your cell.... I mean room now so that I can talk to Lexie....."

Mina nodded. "Yes, Mr. spindoctor. By the way, you have very beautiful eyes."

spindoctor looked strangely at Mina. He nodded. "Okay, you better go now, Miss Skywalker."

As Mina turned, she whispered, "You filthy humans will never find the answer. This will always be your unsolved mystery."

Mina Skywalker @@


Editor's Note: If you didn't get Mina's joke involving Batman and a Snickers bar, go watch this commercial.


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