Untraceable II, Re-watch or Untraceable Re-watch is an upcoming 2011 American Thriller film directed by Gregory Hoblit, written by Eric Heiresser and Wesley Strick and starring Diane Lane, Billy Burke, Mary Beth Hurt, Perla Haney-Jardine, Oleysa Rulin, Nestor Carbonnell, Rex Linn, Kirk Acedova and Gemma Jones.


Following the events of Untraceable Detective Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) has now built a career as Portland, Oregon's biggest computer criminal catching activist.

With the support of her mother and nine year old daughter she has moved on from the near death brought on by the KillWithMe Killer.

However the nightmare is reborn one night as several kidnappings of three mid-60's women, a young reporter from Channel 12 News and criminal men forces Jennifer into the mix.

A New website emerges KillForMe in which the watching viewers decide the fates of the three groups of people, and the viewing audience a collection of the city's most perverted minds decides the fate of these innocent lives leaving the other members of the group to perform a murderous mutiny.

Jennifer closes in on the case and her mother eventually becomes the last abducted victim.

With Jennifer rushing between three groups of captive people knowing she may not be able to save their lives the truth behind this copycat maniac is revealed and the deadly secret he holds.


  • Diane Lane as Agent Jennifer Marsh
  • Perla Haney-Jardine as Annie Haskins
  • Billy Burke as Detective Eric Box
  • Mary Beth Hurt as Stella Marsh
  • Rex Linn as Phillip Andrews
  • Oleysa Rulin as Amy Wairview
  • Nestor Carbonnell as Antonio Gregor
  • Kirk Acedova as Johnathen Fiour


The second film introduces a new website and new mastermind who devives a similiar website an X-ray of the the first killer's father this time with the film opening number image reading enter and on the left on the website a text coloured the same opening number grey reading KillForMe.

KillForMe instead enables those who enter the website are given the chance to choose who lives amongst three groups of people who have made all the wrong choices.

The first group is two is two criminal men who are then placed with a Channel 12 news reporter in the upstairs attic of a home and must make their way down the four below floors where their salvation (survival) lies in the lobby of the large home they're trapped in.

The group have three symbolic devices over the course of the three below floors which could be for any one of the three and is upon the viewers to decide.

The viewers must also see the repercussions as each device holds the key to the next floor entrance but ithe audience then must decide wether the person live or die following their pain inducing device.

The three down to two and eventually one must hede the audience's request of who goes and who lives but find themselves in trouble as the group they're hooked into happen to all be sadistic murderers.

The Channel Twelve News Reporter is attached to the first device and is decided to die by the wtaching audience and the one view which makes the closed decision happens to be a spurned woman who just wanted to be a reporter.

The second is two devices which both men must enter.

The audience must then decide if they both live or one kills the other.

Detective Box holds many television announcements and trackings of the viewers trying to get them to stop deciding on watching and deciding them to die.

Eventually the third man dies as their is a final device and though the audience instructs him to live he commits suicide as a statement they can't choose who lives and dies and henceforth are murderers.

Meanwhile the second group the three elderley women and Jennifer's mother are decided who does the four tables that will emerge every hour in the lobby which hold the key to survival and to painful death.

The women dwindle till it comes down to Jennifer's Mother and a seemingly sweet elderley lady who becomes murderous to survive and instead get's shot as Jennifer enters.

Detective Eric Box then retires following his failure to save the other group entrapped in the Reilly old home and leads on to Untraceable 3D.

Devices Of Death


The film received mix reviews in test screening some critics claiming the film to have lost the unique agent thriller film of the original instead ditching that beautiful concept for a more graphic melodramatic Saw Film Feel.

Other Critics aimed at it's originallity still classy thriller feel and the suprise ending which neatly measured up or even overdone the first's ending.

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