Urban Legend is a remake of the 1998 horror film starring Shantel VanSanten, Troian Bellisario, Penn Badgley, Bobby Campo, Johanna Braddy, Jeryl Prescott Sales, Kellan Lutz, Richard Gere, Robert De Niro, Malese Jow, Tiffany Hines, Micheal Cera, Seth MacFarlane and Brittany Snow



Shantel VanSanten as Natalie Simon

Troian Bellisario as Brenda Bates

Bobby Campo as Paul Gardner

Penn Badgley as Parker Riley

Johanna Braddy as Sasha Thomas

Jeryl Prescott Sales as Reese Wilson

Kellan Lutz as Damon Brooks

Richard Gere as Dean Adams

Robert De Niro as Professor Wexler

Malese Jow as Tosh Guaneri

Brittany Snow as Michelle Mancini

Tiffany Hines as Serina

Michael Cera as The Janitor

Seth MacFarlane as Gas Attendent


Michelle- Beheaded with battle axe while driving car

Damon- Hung from tree/strangled/dropped on car windshield

Tosh- Strangled in bedroom

Dean- Heal slit with knife and run over by car on tire spikes

Parker- Head shoved in toilet, funnel shoved down throat, force-fed pop rocks/drain cleaner

Sasha- Hacked twice and beheaded with battle axe

Professor Wexler- Knifed in back several times


Natalie, Brenda, Paul and Reese

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