Urban Legends: In your dreams is an upcoming 2012 sequel to the Urban Legend series. The film stars,

It stars Chelan Simmons, Thomas Dekker, Raven Symone, Chance Crawford, Isabel Lucas, Shanica Knowles, Mila Kunis, Robbie Jones, Camilla Bell, Brenda Song, Lucas Till, Aisha Dee, Kristen Bell, Tyrese Gibson, Paraminder Nagra, Rebecca Gayheart, Hart Bochner, and Loretta Devine


Brenda Bates and Professer Solomon , the killers of the first 2 films, team up kill Dana Simon, the younger half sister of Natalie Simon. Reese Wilson tries to protect Dana and her friends from the killers.



  • Chelan Simmons as Dana Simon
  • Thomas Dekker as Kyle Jeffery
  • Raven Symone as Tamera Jones
  • Chance Crawford as Nik Chon
  • Isabel Lucas as Shenae Diamond
  • Shanica Knowles as Denise Lucas
  • Camilla Bell as Jodie Fallon
  • Mila Kunis as Lea Fallon
  • Robbie Jones as Tyrese Wellis
  • Brenda Song as Nima Le-Su
  • Aisha Dee as Olivia Hansen


  • Kristen Bell as Faye Ricci
  • Tyrese Gibson as Principal Geords
  • Paraminder Nagra as Sharpae Aluma
  • Rebecca Gayheart as Brenda Bates
  • Hart Bochner as Professer Solomon
  • Loretta Devine as Reese Wilson

Deaths (In order)

  • Faye Ricci- Stabbed in throat with ice pick
  • Olivia Hansen- Axe shoved down throat
  • Nik Chon- Eyes gouged out with spoons
  • Jodie Fallon- Imapaled through stomach with shovel
  • Sharpae Aluma- Head crushed with car door
  • Shenae Diamond- Face gored with electric mixer
  • Tyrese Wellis- Hit in head 15 times with electic guitar
  • Denise Lucas- Impaled through face with machete
  • Nima Le-Su- Hacked to death with battle axe
  • Principal Geords- Burned alive with flames from arasol can
  • Proffeser Solomon- Chest struck with battle axe
  • Brenda Bates- Head blown up by grenade

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