A series based on the 2017 film. The series follows the Gadget Gang and their alien friends the Invas as they navigate through adventures on Earth and in outer space.


Gadget Gang:

Gregorio "Gregory" Wright - The leader of the Gadget Gang. Optimistic, brave, and always looking for adventure, he is always willing to lend a hand with a number of crazy ideas, although this can often lead him into trouble.

Phoebe Wright - Gregory's adorable little sister, and the heart of the Gadget Gang. She might be small and cute, but she is also very smart for her age and more resourceful than people give her credit for. She loves her brother very much, but can become annoyed by his overprotectiveness of her.

Franceso Rossulini - Gregory's best friend and the mechanical and chemistry whiz of the Gadget Gang. He is often acts as Gregory's voice of reason and tries to keep him out of trouble with his rash decisions. He has a cordial partnership with Mitsue, with whom he shares the title of the "smartest kid in school."

Mitsue Kurosawa - The computer and mathematical whiz of the Gadget Gang. An avid gamer and programmer, there is no code she can't crack, and no system she can't hack. She has a cordial partnership with Francesco, with whom she shares the title of the "smartest kid in school."

Mary Anne Bassbaum - The popular girl and fashionista of the Gadget Gang. While a typical valley "Type A" girl obsessed with keeping up with the latest trends and styles, like Phoebe, she can be smarter and more resourceful than given credit for. On Earth, she is the one who typically helps the Invas adapt to social trends and styles on the planet. She is Gregory's love interest and eventual girlfriend.

Bartholmew "Banana" Baxter - The conspiracy theorist of the Gadget Gang. He is obsessed with extra terrestrial life and often makes multiple theories as to how aliens live and operate (which surprisingly often turn out to be more accurate than people think). He insists on being called by his nickname, which is short for his internet screen name, "BananaHeadA2863", for some reason.

Tadford "Tank" Gruberg - The muscle of the Gadget Gang. A former bully and frenemy of Greg's, he ultimately has a kind heart and will do anything to help his friends. Whenever any of the others need some heavy lifting or a big man in their corner, he is there to help.


Pleek Inva

Dai Inva

Rin Inva

Dirk Inva

Tee Inva

Lee Inva

Gatt Inva

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