I don't know who's reading my stories because I never get comments on them. Regardless, I feel obligated to make my intentions clear; I'm cutting out all the Assassin's Creed elements from my stories Assassin's Creed: The Vampire Princess and The Chronicles of Patria: The Secret of Soleil and replacing them with something else. The Assassin Brotherhood will be replaced with the Order of the Knights of Eden, and Order of the Knights Templar, while itself remaining part of the Patrian Universe, will be replaced with the Chaos Order; And "Assassin's Creed: The Vampire Princess" will be renamed "The Chronicles of Patria: The Silver Bat" (working title). The reason I'm doing this is because of my dream.

I'm extremely proud of my work on my fictional world, Patria, and the stories that go with it. But... It's my dream to become a writer. I was thinking that if I can work the Assassin's Creed elements out of Patria and replace it with something original, then I could take my works off the internet and get someone to publish my stories without risking copyright.

I don't know if anyone's actually been reading my stories since I never get comments, but appreciate anyone who's been following along since I started Patria back in 2012 (it was pretty sloppy back then to tell you the truth). But to get started on my dream career, this has to happen.

Thank you for understanding,