V'edali V'el V'orax
Race: Atrexxian
Home Planet: Atrexxial
Age: 30 cycles
  • V'ersana V'il V'edali (sister)
  • V'orathos V'rel V'orax (father, deceased)
  • V'lana V'il V'edali (mother, deceased)
  • V'orax V'el V'il V'edali V'oraxi (grandfather, deceased)
  • T'en T'evek T'urgann (distant cousin)
Affiliation: Sarn Vivec, Vardalaya, Atrexxial, T'en T'evek T'urgann

V'edali V'el V'evexi V'oranthi V'edevi V'ethenda V'thelax V'edrec V'orax is an Atrexxian rebel and a main character in the Australian sci-fi series Chronicles of Ascenia. He is the second member to join the crew of the Vardalaya after the Agryom pilot Sejic.


V'edali V'el V'orax was born on Atrexxial around 30 cycles before the events of the first episode of Chronicles of Ascenia. His father V'orathos V'rel V'orax was a court member, being a relative to the Atrexxian leader T'evek T'urgann T'iravon, T'en T'evek T'urganns father, and his mother V'lana V'il V'edali was a ceremonialist in the Atrexxian society. V'edali and his younger sister V'ersana V'il V'edali were both sent to live with their grandfather V'orax V'el V'il V'edali V'oraxi following their parent's deaths in a Chenovni attack during the Atrexxian-Chenovni War. He became a rebel at an early age, and developed a strong hatred towards the Chenovni.

Season OneEdit

Sarn Vivec and the Vardalaya Agryom pilot Sejic encounter V'edali on his homeworld, where he is being prosecuted as a rebel. Unknown to Sarn, until later in the season, V'edali killed a Chenovni ambassador and though there are rifts between the two races; he was still prosecuted. The executioner Gurshan pursues V'edali, but he is thankfully recruited by Sarn Vivec and he thinks his troubles are over.


  • V'edali V'el V'evexi V'oranthi V'edevi V'ethenda V'thelax V'edrec V'orax, son of V'orathos V'rel V'orax, grandson of Vorax V'el V'il V'edali V'oraxi.
  • Those blasted Fade have been pillaging across Klantec for near to a month now, they need to be STOPPED!

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