Eärendur Súrion

Eärendur Súrion

Kahn Unleashed

Can "Kahn" Linwëlin

A strong breeze blew by, rustling the flowing hairs of Kahn and Súrion, who stared at each other with clashing glares. Súrion began, speaking in the Elven tongue of Vaardenvale, his Kingdom "Shi taer eir jhar, Kahn. O eisi thas salaes sal si paerordaer ail si tylolaer."|"We meet at last, Kahn. You are far taller than they had described in the Chronicles."

Kahn's glowing, blue eyes narrowed in contempt "Eil o eisi malaes sal Ai car aistandrolaer."|"And you are far smaller than I had imagined."

Súrion returned "Ai taesalia cydi o eisi caesi sai mesaelaes."|"I certainly hope you are here to surrender."

Kahn smirked at this statement haughtily "Os tyrdasoli air vororer, tia jhys."|"Your cowardice is pitiful, my lord."

At this, Súrion realized he had no other alternative. Confrontation was inevitable. "...Ai mi. Sael, ais o talyr shi vaerylaer shor, o shor cali sai shi maelaer oli tysi."|"...I see. Then, if you cannot be reasoned with, you will have to be sealed once more."

Kahn steadied his shoulders, preparing for an attack "O tae sia."|"You may try."

After three short seconds, Súrion charged toward the massive Elf, a kinsman of his, and arched his right fist back for a punch to his center. Magic energy centered around the ball of flesh-covered bone as it was brought forward to collide into the man, creating a loud banging sound, like an arrow that has struck wood.

Nothing. The result was as empty as Súrion's chances of success. Kahn grabbed him by the throat and lifted him close so that they were on eye-level with each other, ready to mock him for his futile attempt at assault. "Mesaelia sar shar's eil eiras."|"Surely that wasn't an attack."

At this, Súrion arched his hand back quickly and, in a single moment, mustered a sizeable amount of Mana into his hand. It took the form of a small, light-green ball of energy, which was immediately thrown in Kahn's face, causing a small explosion which clouded the giant's head in smoke. With a grunt of displeasure, he tossed the Elven King away and began rubbing his face to check if it's still in one piece.

Súrion panted "Bai... Sar shar."|"No... Thas was." The battle had begun.

When the smoke had cleared, Kahn's face was contorted with fury. He raced a large hand and it released a light blue static from the Mana energy he was collecting. The static sizzled the ground in small arcs, burning grass and smoldering soil. The static gathered into a swirling blue ball, a small storm in the center. With frightening speed, Kahn hurled the ball toward the young King.

Súrion dodged to his left but the ball continued to charge forth behind him, colliding into several trees before exploding in a fantastically-massive swirling sphere of blue energy, decimating the landscape and creating a deep crater that was almost a kilometer in distance. Súrion's eyes widened in shock. It took years for the Master Mages at the Council of Magi in Vaardenvale to master such devastatingly powerful magic, but Kahn was only half a century older than him and he could perform such feats as if it were elementary!

Súrion didn't give Kahn time to prepare another attack. He pulled a Magic scroll from his pack and, unfurling it, began reciting mystical Elven verses quickly but rhythmically. Kahn, impatiently, marched toward his adversary, but before he could realize, a large stone spike rose from the earth toward him in an attempt to impale him.

The stone spike soon found itself facing a far denser object than its conjurer could've realized. Kahn continued to march as the spike collided against an invisible force between the two which seemed to reduce the spike to gravel. Súrion realized it: Mana Armour! That's why his Mana-Enhanced punch didn't do anything! That's why his ball of energy did little more than stun him! He's protected by an invisible, impenetrable shield surrounding him on all sides!

He would have to get rid of that Mana Armour if he wanted to get close enough to Kahn. Quickly, Súrion used Magic to draw the water from a nearby lake onto the ground under their feet, flooding it and turning their soil into mud.

Kahn gritted his teeth angrily and threw another ball of destructive energy at Súrion, it colliding with the mud and creating a small explosion. When the smoke cleared, the Elven king was nowhere to be seen. Kahn looked around in dismay, unable to locate his target.

Suddenly, liquid dirt surged up, covering the giant. A large, clayed-up statue had formed from where he stood. However, this shape didn't last. Quickly, it expanded into a ball and blew apart with a gust of energy. Kahn, his teeth gritted in fury, began blasting the area, spreading mud all about.

One of the puddles of mud that was flying in midair sprouted an elongated needle of liquid dirt which struck Kahn in the cheek, doing nothing but stabbing a metal-like surface.

The manifestation of rage gripped the needle and filled it with his destructive energy, imploding it. Mud sprayed all around from it and he turned his gaze to the murky waters underneath him. He could see Súrion swimming around in the water-realm beneath him, directing the muddy surface to attack Kahn with several hand gestures.

Several long, tentacle-like arms of mud reached up, their fists blasting Kahn in the face and swirling around each other until one, large fist had clutched the giant's head.

With a roar of fury, Kahn released a wave of static energy that blew the mud-arm apart. He raised a large arm and slammed the palm down on the puddle beneath him, releasing another wave of energy into the waters.

The static made several splashes and reverberations beneath, sending Súrion out into the open, smoking from the attack. Kahn leaped up at the barely conscious king and slammed a large, energy-covered hand down on him, sending a wave of blue flame in a downward arc.

The attack created a long cleave in the ground, which quickly got filled up with mud. From the smoke above, Súrion fell to the grass ground a few feet away from the muddy landscape, rolling a bit as he settled. He coughed repeatedly from lack of oxygen, his Elven ears down in a small spark of fear of this dominant power before him.

Kahn gracefully floated down to the ground and began marching toward the king, preparing to deliver the finishing blow. Suddenly, Súrion sprung up and, with a massive amount of Magical force armouring his fist, he slammed a hard punch to Kahn's face, sending him flying through several trees and into a nearby boulder, which seemed to shatter by the density of the propelled giant.

Súrion gripped his bleeding fist and seethed in agony. Just decking Kahn in the face was enough to nearly split the Elf's hand in two, even with all that Magical energy reinforcing it. Slowly, Kahn raised himself up and popped his neck, an angered expression on his face.

At least Súrion managed to land a strike on Kahn successfully. He took solace in this as the giant Elf rushed toward him at full speeds, blowing away trees as hunks of wood and leaves covered the land behind him. Quickly, the king unsheathed the double-edged sword sheathed at his back.

His sword lit blue with the energy of the king's mana surging through it, magnifying its cutting power. He swung it with the might of the his bloodline but to no effect. The glowing metal clanged against the steel-like flesh of his enemy, the recoil from the hit knocking the blade back.

He brought the second blade up as the other fell back, his arms gracefully wielding the sword against the slow but powerful swings of the giant.

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