• Enemies:
  • Weapons:
    • Human
      • Ion Dagger
      • Ion Sword
      • EMP Gloves
      • Pistol
      • Assault Rifle
      • Shotgun
      • Sniper Rifle
      • Chain Gun
      • Flamethrower
      • Rocket Launcher
    • Zodiac
      • Sludge Pistol
      • Sludge Rifle
      • Energy Rifle
      • Bio Sword
      • Sludge Launcher
      • Havoc Bow
  • Vehicles
    • UEM Rhino
    • UEM Mammoth
    • Zodiac Hover Craft

What's your name?

  • Follow Cody and the others.
  • Cody and Davian (and Ivy) will be seperated from the others. Make your way through the hallways.
  • Kill the Spawn in this room and continue onto the next.
  • In this room fight Seed Spawn until the door opens, then run out.
  • In the next 4 chambers you will fight Seed and Warrior Spawn.
  • When the fifth chamber door opens, run through, there will be too many Spawn to fight, just run through, then you will come to a lift, activate it.


  • Upon coming up the elevator, you will find yourself in a courtyard with Zodiac and Spawn fighting for the first time. Take them out and head toward the vehicles.

The Metatron

  • When mounting up, this new chapter will commense. Follow the grassy valley to the UEM Stronghold, killing any Spawn or Zodiac that stand in your way.

It was just a bad memory, son...

  • This Chapter is just an ending cutscene.

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