Friends Fanfiction. Joey and Chandler have an secret. They are vampires. Chandler plans to bring Monica with them to the undead side, while Joey does the same for Rachel. When Phoebe and Ross discover their secret, can they save their friends in time.



Chandler looked at his wife, who was sleaping. Only an year. Only an year until she can come over to the other side. Chandler almost laughed out loud at the thought of it.

Chandler and Joey were vampires and were looking for soulmates. To make them their soulmate, they simply bite their neck once an month for five year.

The soulmate becomes an vampire, but will not know until she tastes blood. Chandler couldn't wait to spend time with her for entirnity.

Joey, on ther other hand, had set his eyes on an woman. Ironic, it is Monica's best friend. It was Rachel Green, who had just had an baby named Emma.

If their soulmate has children, they will be forced to leave their child. They can have children with Vampires, but not with humans.

So Emma was planned to be left with Ross, although they were bending an rule. When their soulmate is an vampire, he or she must kill all their friends and familys.

Chandler and Joey, however, convinced their leader so they can bend that rule and were allowed.

Just then, Monica woke up. Chandler turned around and smiled. "Why are you smiling. Done something bad", Monica teased. Chandler sat down on the bed and kissed her.

Meanwhile, Joey was sitting in the baralounge and felt warm. He smiled. Chandler was his blood brother, well not technicaly.

Chandler and Joey were rin an ritiul to become blood brother's. This involved pain and to kill an new born. Chandler was upset over this, but was glad he and Joey were blood brother's.

Now, they can hear what the other is thinking. Rachel suddenly burst in the apartment.

"What's wrong", Joey asked. "Emma. I forgot her teddy", she walked into her bedroom and grabbed onto the pingu teddy. She walked out and then gasped.

"What", Joey asked worried. "You have got blood on your arm", Rachel pointed. "An knife cut me and i forgot about it", Joey put on an fake smile, which actualy convinced Rachel.

"Well clean it", Rachel softly punched him and walked out of the apartment. Joey looked at the tv. He wasn't stabbed on the arm. He had killed an woman, who had stabbed him in the arm defending herself and her baby.

One Phoebe The Gypsy

Phoebe opened her book and tried to study. Just then, she heard an noise. She turned around and saw an old woman. "Can i help you", Phoebe asked.

"Yes, Are you Phoebe Buffay", the woman asked. "Yes, how do you know me", Phoebe asked. "Well you might not believe this, but you are an gypsy".

"Is this an prank", Phoebe snapped. "No it's just that you are. You will be able to kill the last of them", she continued. "Who are you", Phoebe asked.

"I'm Penelope Keyes. You are an gypsy, i can tell. You can kill the vampires", she said. "Vampires", Now Phoebe was interested.

"Yes, only Gypsy's, Priests and Nuns can kill them", Penelope explained.

"But i'm not an gypsy, I know i believe in all of this but i'm not an gypsy", Phoebe was sad. "Lisiten, two months of training and you will be. Meet me in here, eight o'clock", Penelope stood up and walked away.

Phoebe looked at the woman walking away. She quickly got up and walked out of the shop. How did Penelope figure out she was an gypsy.

Phoebe walked to Monica's apartment and gasped. They were clothes everywhere. Phoebe slowly walked to the bedroom and nearly screamed.

Chandler was, biting Monica's neck. Phoebe slowly walked away. She quietly shut the front door and ran. She ran back to her house.

Unaware Joey was watching from an distance.

Two Ross and Rachel Back Together

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