Vampires are fictional characters in Underworld, Underworld: Evolution, and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. As with traditional Vampires, they are immortal and live off blood.


In the Underworld series the origins of the Vampire species came about when Marcus Corvinus, the son of Alexander Corvinus, was bitten by a bat. The Corvinus Strain in his body molded the effects of the bite, and mutated him into the first Vampire. His twin brother William Corvinus was also bitten, but by a wolf, turning him into the first Lycan. William went on an uncontrollable rampage, causing legions of uncontrollable Lycan monsters to be spawned across Hungary. To bring his brother under control, Marcus approached the dying warlord Viktor, promising him immortality as a Vampire in return for his army and military expertise in capturing William. His army was also turned, creating the Death Dealers. After many battles against William's raging progeny, William was finally captured. Marcus ordered that he be locked away for all time, building a special cage to contain him.

After this, Viktor, Marcus and Amelia settled in as rulers of the Vampires, becoming the Vampire Elders, creating the covens as the main organization of the Vampires. However, Viktor took control from Markus, ensuring he would never have the strength to free his brother. The coven later embarked on an ill-fated scheme to turn the surviving Lycans into slaves, using them to guard their castle in the daylight. They did not have human form until Lucian was born, he was the first werewolf born in human form, as seen in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. However, after the romance and subsequent pregnancy between Viktor's daughter Sonja and the Lycan slave Lucian was discovered, Sonja was executed and by proxy her and Lucian's unborn child also and the war began.

After some time, it was believed Lucian had been killed, and the Death Dealers were charged with hunting down any and all surviving Lycans. By the time of the first film, Amelia and the Vampire council were in control. However, nobody suspected the truth: Kraven had struck a deal with Lucian, allowing him to gain power and a position as regent in the Coven. In the present day, the coven had become increasingly decadent under Kraven's leadership, with Amelia ruling from the New World branch of the coven. It was then that Lucian struck, killing Amelia and the Vampire Council, and increasing his search for the human descendant of Corvinus (Michael Corvin). In him the two races could be merged, creating a Hybrid, leaving Kraven to rule the Vampires. However, his plan was derailed when Selene awakened Viktor and alerted him to Kraven's treachery.

In the ensuing battle Kraven betrayed Lucian, killing him with silver nitrate bullets. Viktor personally intervened, but after the truth about his killing of Selene's family was revealed, he was slain by Selene and the Hybrid Michael Corvin. With these events, followed by the destruction of Ordoghaz and the slaying of Kraven by the newly hybridized Markus, it is unclear what will become of the clans.


Ördögház is a fictional building from the Underworld movies. It means Devil'(s) House. It is an ancient building in Hungary which houses the Old World vampires, of which Viktor leads. Every century, a Vampire Elder returns to the crypt in Ördögház to hibernate for the next two centuries, while another Vampire Elder is awakened to lead the Vampire realm. In Underworld: Evolution, Marcus Corvinus razed Ördögház to the ground.

Powers and abilities

A Vampire's transformation is not nearly as startling as their Lycan counterparts. When they transform, their eyes turn a startling shade of electric blue (though some vampires like Amelia and Tanis had golden shade instead of blue), while their incisors lengthen to become pointed fangs. Death Dealers display most of the prominent vampire traits seen in myth and in popular culture: superstrength, super reflexes, coordination, and speed; super resilience and stamina, a quick healing process and heightened senses. Selene and several other Death Dealers have been seen leaping from very high places; at least 10 stories in some places, and landing without injury or harm. Selene has been shown moving with enough speed to evade gunfire in Evolution,and to outrun an enraged Raze in the first film.

She was also seen using her super strength to pin Michael against a wall several feet off of the ground, performing spectacular leaps on numerous occasions, striking her enemies with tremendous force. Selene has shown to be powerful enough to survive a shotgun blast in the chest at point blank range. She also has tremendous strength, which can be seen when she easily smashes a female vampire's head into a stone wall, breaking it. It is possible that Selene was stronger and more powerful because she was bitten by the Vampire Elder Viktor.

It can be assumed that the other Death Dealers, possessed various degrees of these abilities, due to their age and experience. Their heightened senses manifest in acutely increased depth perception, sense of smell, hearing, and nightvision; which manifests as electric blue eyes. Erika, although not a Death Dealer, was shown to able to cling to the ceiling, like a spider; after she discovered that Michael was bitten by a Lycan, and after he awoke and startled her.

Vampire Law

The Vampires have a law which is decreed in their Covenant. Some of these laws include:

  • Vampires are to conceal themselves from humans at all costs
  • Vampires are not allowed to drink human blood
  • Vampires are not allowed to fraternize with Lycans in any way
  • Vampires are not to delve into the past

Breaking these laws require a judgment from the ruling Elder(s).

Factions within the covens

The vampire community has been split between two covens, one in the Old World (Europe, Asia, and Africa), housed in Ördögház and one in the New World (the Americas).

Vampire Elders

Elders are the undisputed rulers of the coven. Only one rules at a time, with the other two being in hibernation in the crypt of Ordoghaz. Elders are visually no different from other Vampires, but are far more powerful, with Viktor being able to hold his own against the Hybrid Michael, winning out due to his experience.

The Aristocrats

The aristocrats are the only other group of normal Vampires seen within the covens. They enjoy the high life, such as sex, parties, and taking full advantage of their immortality. They were often shown dawdling around the mansion in the first film, doing little but being hangers-on to Kraven. In contrast to the leather uniforms of the Death Dealers, they wear fine clothing.

Death Dealers

The Death Dealers were created by the first vampire Marcus Corvinus, to put down the threat by his twin brother, the Lycan Elder William Corvinus. However, the original batch of Death Dealers came largely from Viktor's troops during his years as a Hungarian General. The Death Dealers, thus, were loyal to Viktor, instead of Marcus. The Death Dealers were successful in capturing William, as was their original purpose, but they skirted near to treason when they attempted to fire on a protesting Marcus. Death Dealers were also crucial in tracking down the band of Lycans led by Lucian, and his right-hand-man Raze.

The Death Dealers of the Old World Coven are led by Kahn who is also the Weapons Master. After the werewolves manufactured UV bullets for their guns, Kahn stole their idea and made a silver nitrate bullet that sent silver straight into their blood stream, making the silver impossible to dig out. Kahn respected Viktor greatly. Through the years, the Death Dealers constantly upgraded their arsenal of weapons. From silver crossbows specially effective against Lycans, they used guns with silver bullets.

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