Vampiros is a 2012 American Psychological Thriller film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino starring Rachel McAdams, Rose McGowan, Casey Affleck, Elle Fanning and Alan Rickman.

It concerns a woman racing to save the life of a in critical condition 11 year old girl whom has been set upon by vampires and the most infamous vampire of all.

The film is made as Quentin's first foray into the psychological misery drama channelling on the spirit of such films as Clint Eastwood's 2003 Classic Mystic River and Nick Cassavettes' 2009 classic My Sister's Keeper.


A parent-less lonely attorney woman moves off to the West Virginian Country Side as part of a mid-life crisis act. She unwittingly stumbles upon one night an 11 year old girl fleeing from a group of immensley strong unnatural men whom are revealed as vampires hence proving their existence. Feeling a connection and duty of protection to the little girl she shields them from the attacking bloodsucking quadron but learns they are lead by indeed the infamous mythical Count Dracula (a.k.a. Noseferatu and formerly Vladimir III Count Dracul).

The girl is left in critical condition and the woman is left severly injured. The girl's condition entails her to die within 65 Hours.

The Count intrigued by the attorney woman whom refuses to let the little stranger girl die strikes a proposition. He will return her to good health and her family to her if she indeed becomes one of them and offers up three other individuals to be made like them also.

She grapples with the decision but agrees and finds herself one of the undead fighting to control her ravenous hunger. She knows the three she will offer: her three suicidal scarred sisters whom all want to die.

The sacrificial plan seems to be perfect until however a twist enters as the youngest of the three wanting to die sisters indeed wasn't scarred by the family fire which took their parents and does not want to die at all just claims she does like the others.

Can she suade her wanting to live fine sister to offer her life in favour of a innocent child?


  • Rachel McAdams as Attorney Helena Tobias
  • Rose McGowan as Carly Tobias
  • Casey Affleck as the Jackal
  • Alan Rickman as Count Dracula/Vlad Dracul III/Nosefarutu
  • Michelle Monaghan as Nina Tobias
  • Betsy Russell as Amanda Tobias
  • Elle Fanning as Eden Jarker
  • Evan Ellingson as Varding
  • Denzel Whitaker as Vermos
  • DeVaughn Nixon as Vaxter
  • Scott Porter as Verding
  • Chad Michael Murray as Vexter
  • Eddie Velez as Vex

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