Van Helsing Returns is the in production sequel to Van upcoming may 9th 2017 And Is A Sequel To 2006


Hugh Jackman as Gabriel van Helsing:

David Wenham as Carl

Kirsten Dusnt as Christine Daae

Paul Gimatti as Frankenstein monster

Jennifer Connelly as Princess Isabel

Wes Bently as Piet Dracula

Kate Beckinsale as Marya Dracula

Julian McMahon as Erik Destler/The Phantom of the Opera

Ander Serkis as Quasimodo

Ian Whyte as Creature of the Black Lagoon

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Sandor

Liam Neeson as Jack Griffin/The Invisible Man

Alun Armstrong as Cardinal Jinette

Katie Holms as Esmerelda

Christopher Lee as Dom Claude Frollo


Christine Daae is a successful actress in Paris that eventually declines in her career. She is found by a man named Erik Destler who takes her in as his student. He falls in love with her. Erik considers himself an outcast from society feeling misunderstood. Taking other outcasts who are the hunchback Quasimodo, and a strange aquatic creature (Creature of the Black Lagoon) who become his faithful servants. He calls them his brothers.

In England Van Helsing is battling Jack Griffin (the Invisible Man), but is eventually forced to kill him.

Van Helsing has been losing his touch do to Anna's death from the first film, in his sorrow.

Upon returning to the Vatican Carl again reminds Van Helsing that he shouldn't kill, though Van Helsing argues that he had no choice.

Van Helsing is assigned to go to Paris since Count Dracula's last children Piet and Marya have been spotted their.

Eventually Van Helsing arrives to Paris with Carl, and begins his search for Dracula's children, with no success.

In the inn Van Helsing and Carl stay at they are attacked by vampires, though Van Helsing dispatches them.

Meanwhile while Christine is with Erik he make a move on her, and she rejects him, running away from him. Enraged Erik sends Quasimodo and the Creature after her to bring her back.

While Christine is running, she bumps into Van Helsing, and he battles Quasimodo and the Creature, eventually driving them away.

Van Helsing takes Christine to the inn he is staying at and asks her about what is going on. She explains what had happened to her and he tells Carl about it. They agree that it is their duty to help her.

Erik is enraged and sets out to kill Van Helsing and get Christine back.

Van Helsing and Carl continue searching for Piet and Marya, and get into many fights with vampires.

Eventually Marya approaches Van Helsing revealing that she hates being a vampire, and wants to help stop her homicidal brother. Sandor, her servant, had followed her since Piet began to suspect her.

When Marya returns to the castle they are staying at Piet stakes her in the heart since Sandor revealed what she had done.

Van Helsing infiltrates the castle and kills many vampires. He and Piet face off, though Piet is forced to flee.

Van Helsing hid Christine in Notre Dame Cathedral, and she is found by Quasimodo. When Carl returns to check on Christine he sees Quasimodo with her, and he tries to fight him but fails.

Carl runs and gets Van Helsing, telling him about what happened. They head towards the opera house to save Christine (who Van Helsing has been falling in love with).

Quasimodo brings Christine to Erik, who has her locked up. He tries to talk to her, but she declares her hatred of him.

On their way to the opera house Van Helsing and Carl are confronted by Sandor and a group of vampires who fight Van Helsing. Eventually Van Helsing defeats Sandor. Sandor taunts him to kill him but Van Helsing knocks him out, and handcuffs him to a tree. He and Carl continue to the Opera House.

Quasimodo has been talking to Christine talking about how kind Erik is. Erik walks in, grabs Quasimodo, throws him out of the room, and begins to beat him, accusing him of trying to take Christine from him. Christine tries to stop him, but Erik eventually kills Quasimodo out of his blind rage. He is then shocked by what he did, and shouts out of sadness, killing one of his only friends in such a brutal manner. He then hears footsteps in the sewers, and sends the Creature to kill whoever is making them, and the Creature goes.

Van Helsing and Carl are the ones in the sewer and they are attacked by the Creature. There is a long battle until Van Helsing kills the Creature by blowing him away with the stake machine gun, and the Creature's body falls into a pool of water. Carl had been knocked out by the Creature. Van Helsing wakes him up, and they continue deeper in the sewer beneath the Opera House.

Eventually they reach Erik's lair where they see Erik with a sword to Christine's throat. He says he will kill Christine if they don't leave. Van Helsing also sees Quasimodo's body. Van Helsing tells Erik that he knows he won't kill her, saying he knows how much he loves her. Erik backs away with her, taking her into the opera house. Van Helsing tries to shoot Erik but is out of shots, so he draws a sword from Erik's sword collection and goes after them.

Up on the roof Christine escapes from Erik, and Van Helsing engages him in a sword duel. The duel goes on for a while.

Piet finds and frees Sandor who tells him about what happened. Piet flies up to the roof, and kidnaps Christine with the intent on turning her into his vampire bride. Van Helsing and Erik see this, and they decide to join forces to save her.

They follow Piet to a citadel outside of Paris. They use grapples to go over a wall, but are attacked by Sandor and guard vampires. Van Helsing and Sandor fall off the side of the wall into a stable where they continue their fight, until Van Helsing impales Sandor with a pitchfork, killing him. Van Helsing then goes and helps Erik kill the remaining vampires. They then enter the citadel, and Piet along with other vampires attack them. Eventually it is just both Van Helsing and Erik vs. Piet, until Piet throws Erik aside making it a one on one battle with Van Helsing. Piet eventually has Van Helsing down and is about to kill him when Erik does a final charge, and is grabbed by Piet who asks him if he has any last words. With a look of sorriness in his eyes he says, "See you in Hell," impaling his sword through his stomach, and into Piet's heart, killing him, and they drop. Christine and Van Helsing run to Erik's side. Christine holds his head and upper torso in her arms, and Erik tells her sorry and goodbye. Erik dies in her arms for his valiant action. The citadel was lit on fire. Van Helsing gets Christine out of their, but they leave Erik's body.

Van Helsing takes Christine back to Paris. They share a passionate kiss before Van Helsing and Carl leave to return to the Vatican.



List of movies that influenced Van Helsing Returns.

-Dracula's Daughter

-Son of Dracula

-The Phantom of the Opera

-Creature from the Black Lagoon

-The Hunchback of Notre Dame

-The Invisible Man

-Bride Of Frankenstein


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