This is an animated movie, which is also a crossover of Phineas and Ferb and Total Drama Island.


Vanessa and Izzy's conflict

Vanessa hates Izzy.

Vanessa Doofenschmirtz gets hit by one of her dad's creations and ends up on Total Drama Island. She meets Gwen, Bridgette, Owen, LeShawna, Justin, DJ, Harold, and Sadie and makes friends with them. She also makes enemies with Heather, Courtney, Duncan, Eva and Izzy (Vanessa has the biggest conflict with Izzy). At first, Vanessa is glad she's on the Screaming Gophers because Izzy is on the Killer Bass. But then, Izzy traded places with Katie: Katie in the Killer Bass, Izzy in the Screaming Gophers. Vanessa doesn't like it. No, not one bit. When it was the Screaming Gophers' turn to jump off the cliff, Vanessa threw Izzy down. The Killer Bass lost, the next episode they lost again. But the next episode, the Screaming Gophers lost. Look at these votes the Gophers made:

Noah: Lindsay
Lindsay: Noah
Heather: Lindsay
Owen: Noah
Gwen: Noah
Vanessa: Izzy
Izzy: Vanessa
LeShawna: Noah
Trent: Noah
Beth: Noah
Cody: Noah
Justin: Noah

Katie and Sadie's confrontation with Vanessa

Katie and Sadie and Vanessa's conflict begins in the Playa Des Losers.

Noah was eliminated. Lucky for Vanessa, she was in 4th place....further than Izzy. At the Playa Des Losers, Vanessa gets angry when she sees her enemies. But, when she sees Justin, Vanessa faints. She runs over there and kisses Justin. This caused a new conflict of Katie and Sadie against Vanessa, ending Vanessa and Sadie's friendship. Izzy blabbers about Katie and Sadie and Vanessa's conflict. Justin says to ignore Izzy and just have fun in the Playa Des Losers. Izzy then says Justin is losing his mind.
Cody chooses for Vanessa

Cody tells Vanessa to be on Gwen's side.

At the finale, Vanessa couldn't pick sides. Cody comforts her and tells Vanessa to be on Gwen's side, like he is going to be. This starts a relationship between Cody and Vanessa. Vanessa sits in Gwen's bleachers. Even when Owen said he would throw a party for everyone if he wins, Vanessa stayed on Gwen's side, along with Trent, LeShawna, Cody and Eva (Vanessa was creeped out to see Eva). Vanessa fainted when Owen won, but Cody helped her up. At the last bonfire, Vanessa said that Heather stinks instead of Eva.
Vanessa kisses Cody

Vanessa kisses Cody.

The next week, Vanessa and the other TDI competitors were at Owen's party. Vanessa walks to Cody and thanks him for comforting her and kisses him. Chris then announces there's a competition for whoever wins $1,000,000. Vanessa faints when she sees the giant check, but Cody helps her up. Vanessa kisses Cody again. When Owen, Gwen, Heather, Vanessa, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Harold, Courtney, Beth and Justin got to move on to Total Drama Action, Vanessa felt bad. Also, she beat herself up, allowing her to sink under the water. Cody attempts to save her, which succeeds. However, Chris still doesn't allow Cody on TDA. Vanessa feels bad again, but Cody wishes her good luck.

Total Drama Action begun. Vanessa still misses Cody. Courtney tries to comfort Vanessa, buy Vanessa slaps Courtney's hand off her shoulder. Duncan reminds Courtney that they both have a conflict with Vanessa. She pushes Duncan. "See?" said Duncan. Courtney looks surprised and said the word Wow. I should hypnotize her, Courtney thought. In the 19th episode, she got the chance to take over Vanessa's life. LeShawna, Justin and Harold, who are all friends of Vanessa and enemies of Courtney, had to stop Courtney from taking over Vanessa's life. But it was too late. Courtney was already singing a song which is something that's NOT "Perfect Prince". It went like this:

It's been a charmed life,
Got all I ever wanted,
And I'm not too shy to flaunt it, you see.
It's been a sweet ride,
Vanessa is genuflectin'
And erecting giant statues of me.
It's like a great lunch with all you can eat,
And I can leave my wallet at home.
And Vanessa pays for me,
Because it's compulsory,
Or into the stockade she's thrown.
Still, I'm a nice gal.
How many bad contestants would always remember her name?
How ya doing, Heather?
I must admit, I
May take quite a lot,
But I'll always give her plenty of blame.
It's been a sweet ride.
Life's a bowl of cherries, and nobody's merrier than me.
Because, Cody is a proletariat,
And baby I'm the bourgeoisie.
Look it up, Duncan!
Baby, I'm the bourgeoisie!
Oh, yeah!

Courtney's singing made Vanessa clap. Then, she does everything that happens in the song, while repeating over and over, "All hail Courtney! All hail Courtney! All hail Courtney!" LeShawna and Justin hears the song. "We need to get Cody to get on this show!" LeShawna said. "But how?" asked Justin. "I've got a plan, and you're going to help me!" said LeShawna. She whispers her plan in Justin's ear.

They fly in a helicopter. "Justin, fire the envelope to Cody's front door!" said LeShawna. Justin dropped an envelope near Cody's front door and it ringed the doorbell. "Now, let's get back on set before Cody sees us," Justin said. They dissapeared back on Total Drama Island. Cody steps outside and reads the message in the envelope. It said:

Dear Cody,

Vanessa needs your help! Courtney took over her life, and now Courtney is Vanessa's ruler! We need you to come on set so you could kiss her and snap Vanessa out of it! Please, think of your girlfriend!
Sincerely, LeShawna and Justin

"Mom! I'm going on Total Drama Action! I'll be home soon!" Cody shouts and takes off on set. He looks at Vanessa, who's eating extra-hot salsa. "Ouch!" said Cody. "I need to kiss Vanessa to snap her out of it!" He pushes away the spice when Courtney wasn't looking and kisses Vanessa, which snaps her out of it. "Thanks, Cody! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to face Courtney," she said. "Um, Courtney?" Vanessa said. "What do you want, my goth puppet?" asked Courtney, unaware Vanessa was snapped out of it.

"I'm not your puppet, you two-faced, back-stabbing, lying-little, evil, hypnotizing, cruel, heartless villain who feeds me hot salsa of pain death! And P.S. your clothes are uneven!" Vanessa shouted at Courtney. Courtney gasped. Everyone except Courtney and Vanessa clapped and cheered at Vanessa for facing Courtney. "Now, how about that kiss?" asked Vanessa. Vanessa and Cody kissed while Courtney said, "I don't understand! How did she get out of my hypnotization of death?" Cody sat on one leg and held Vanessa's hand. "I love you, Vanessa. Will you marry me?" he said. Vanessa was about to say yes, until she heard a voice saying her name.

Vanessa in bed

Vanessa realizes it was only a dream.

Vanessa woke up. It was all a dream. "Vanessa, you're at your dad's this weekend," said her mom, Charlene. "Great. Maybe my dream will come true," Vanessa said. They laugh. "I don't get it," Charlene says.


From Phineas and Ferb

Vanessa Doofenschmirtz
Charlene Doofenschmirtz
Heinz Doofenschmirtz (cameo at the beginning)

From Total Drama Island

Chris McLean
Chef Hatchet

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