How to unlock

  • Kid-Unlock the Bardock Special
  • Early-Unlock the Saiyan Saga
    • Great Ape Vegeta-Beat Vegeta (with Goku)
  • Mid-Unlock the Android Saga
    • SSJ-Beat Android 19 (with Vegeta)
    • ASSJ-Beat Cell (with Vegeta)
  • End-Unlock Buu Saga
    • SSJ-Unlock Buu Saga
    • SSJ2-Beat PuiPui
  • Majin-Fight Goku (with Vegeta)
  • GT-Unlock Baby Saga
    • SSJ-Unlock Super Android 17 Saga
    • SSJ4-Unlock Evil Shenron Saga
  • AF-Beat Omega Shenron

This is a DBZBT5 Character

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