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Veyron Alastore was an extremely powerful arrancarwho originally served under the command of Aizen Sousuke.He was the very first arrancar who allied himself with aizen who achieved the rank of Cero Espada,but was later demoted to a Privaron,Not because he was outclassed by another powerful hollow,but because he had obtained a level of power which Aizen thought could surpass his own.He earned a title and class all unto his own with his immense capacity for evil,being called the Negativo Espada by Aizen.He was originally going to serve as a "Secret Weapon" of sorts,but his high intellect caused him to abandon aizen and flee into abysmal dunes of Hueco Mundo.Today he is known as the single most technologically advanced hollow ever to be conceived.




Powers & Abilities

Lethal Spiritual Power: Being a former Espada,aswell as the first hollow ever to be promoted to the Primera,his body houses massive quantities of spiritual energy.Even for an espada,Aizen noted the power generated by him was simply monstrous.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant:

Master Swordsmanship Specialist:

Immense Intellect:


Gran Rey Cero:

Cero Oscuras:

Cero Metralleta: