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Veyron Superveloce(超速, Beiron Supaberochei) is a highly advanced Arrancar who was born from one of the many experiments that the traiterous Shinigami Aizen Sosuke , conducted during his time away from the Soul Society.Like Wonderweiss Margera, he is one of the few known modified arrancar ever to come into existance.Though not an Espada, he is considered to be easily one of the single most powerful hollow creatures in existance, even once regarded as Aizen's "Perfect Product"




Powers & Abilities

Immense Spiritual Power: He holds within his person, immense qauntities of spiritual energy.So much so that he was easily considered powerful enough to rival the level 4 espada, Ulquiorra Schiffer.His spiritual power posessess an overbearing feel to it, which can be described as that of a furious hurricane, capable of tearing apart his surroundings just by being in their presence.

Unrivaled Speed: Considered as perhaps the fastest creature in the spiritual realms, Veyron has shown himself to easily surpass the speed of any before him.He moves far too quick for the eyes and senses to register.He can move so quickly, that he is able to close massive gaps of space between himseld and his targets, in less than a second.He can cover obscene distances in the blink of an eye, and can leave solid after-images of himself to confuse his opponents.This speed is reached by a varient of Sonido, which was manufactued and created by aizen himself, for the purpose of creating a speed technique to diminish all others, having veyron as its prototype user.Because of his speed, veyron is an intensely difficult opponent to fight and hit, let alone come close to.His speed was revealed to be so immense that he was able to outrace and catch the blade of the extending Kamishini no Yari, a zanpakuto said to be the fastest of its kind.The sound he makes when using his speed is that of a sudden engine boost, like a jet turbine, and he leaves whisps of blue reiatsu in his wake.


Rapidez(Lit. "Speed") is the name of Veyrons zanpakuto.

Ressurrecion: His true form is released by the command "Shift up, Rapidez".While in his released form, Veyron obtains a set of hollow bone armor which is highly form fitting and advanced looking, having extremely acute details.He is covered from head to toe in a new suit which seems to be highly aerodynamic in appearance, like that of a jet or sports car.He seems to have adjusting panels on his new shoulder armor, to lower wind resitance.

  • Enhanced Speed: his already unsurpassable speed is increased by insane levels when in this form.It seems he now as enough power to "break the dimension barrier" which he describes as something similar to breaking the sound barrier.


-Veyron is based on several real life sports cars.

-His ressurrecion theme is Edge of The Earth by 30 Seconds to Mars