Revival Rosato
Vico Ruggieri
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Dark brown (bald)[1]

Eye color

Dark brown[1]

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Rosato Brothers (Carmine Rosato)[1]



Vico "Revival" Ruggieri was a soldier working for the Rosato Brothers, particularly Carmine Rosato and his family, in New York City.


Early career

Both Carmine and Tony Rosato were once caporegimes in the Corleone family, until the death of Aldo Trapani, Corleone Don of New York City, made way for them to break off into their own families. Known simply as the Rosato Brothers, Carmine remained in New York while Tony moved down to Florida, expanding the Rosato Brothers' empire.[2][3]

Vico Ruggieri was recruited before the Rosato Brothers formed their own families, rising to the rank of a soldier under the guide of Carmine Rosato while the Rosato brother was still serving beneath Peter Clemenza. After Clemenza died and the Rosato Brothers split into their families, Ruggieri remained loyal to the brothers and served personally under Carmine Rosato.[1]

Crime Rings

Early on after becoming a soldier, Ruggieri was given the nickname "Revival", for his ability as a soldier to relaunch businesses and rackets in favor of the Rosato Brothers' family. Ruggieri's first owned business was a chop shop, and after he succeeded in taking over two more of them, he succeeded in creating his first Crime Ring for the family. As the owner of these Crime Rings, Ruggieri commanded several guards against the Almeida family, Corleone family, Granados family, and the Mangano family for control of New York City and Havana, Florida.[1]


Notes and references

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