His Excellency
Victór Luiz Manorója

Nationality San León
Office 1st President of San León
Term start June 5 1939
Term end September 18 1947
Office President of the Communist San León
Term start September 18 1947
Term end November 28 1960
Birth date 18 July 1875
Birth place Vitório, San León
Death date 29 November 1960
Death place Santa María, San León
Party Partido Comunista de San León

Victór Luiz Manorója (18 July 1875-29 November 1960), nicknamed El Barón Rojo (Spanish: "The Red Baron") was a San León revolutionary who led the 1938 coup d'état against colonial Spanish administration under Philipe Rodrigó, and became the first President of San León following its independence in 1939.

Though initially a favourable leader, following his bypassing of the 1944 election, known as La Emboscada, Manorója remained President, despite the fact his term had ended in that year. He had his political rivals murdered so that no further dissent amongst his rule. In 1947, following a trade agreement with the Soviet Union and Cuba; Manorója declared that the island nation would become a Communist nation under his regime. This began a political movement to oust Manorója from power, with the Party For San León Liberty formed in 1948, helmed by Hectór Alcuevdo. In 1951 the PSLL movement grew strong enough for an armed conflict to take place in San León's capital; Santa María, and the San León Civil War began.

It took nine more years before the PSLL could gain enough power to topple Manorója's rule of the nation, and on the 28th of November 1960 Hectór Alcuevdo gave a televised address to the people of San León that the Communist government had been disposed off, and a new democratic system instilled. One day later impassioned citizens stormed Manorója's mansion in Santa María, where they bludgeoned the eighty-five year old dictator to death.

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