Victor "Vik" Tambling (born Victor Endrañio Hernández Tambling March 18th, 1965 in Las Angeles, California) is an American-Brazilian musician and drummer, best known as the drummer for American metal band God Appendium.

Personal lifeEdit

Victor Endrañio Hernández Tambling was born in Las Angeles to a Brazilian mother and an American father of German decent. Tambling's mother, Mariá Endrañio escaped Brazil in the early 1960s, where she met Tambling's father Joseph Victor Tambling. He was married in 1987 to Kathryn Johns, whom he is still with. Tambling and Kathryn have four children: (Juliana Endrañio Kathryn Johns, b. 1989, Max Kirk Johns, b. 1992, James Hernández Johns, b. 1994, and Ashleigh Kathryn Hernández Johns, b. 1998). According to Vik, his daughter Juliana (b. 1989) has seemed to have inherited his wild behaviour. In 2009, when Juliana was 20, she was arrested at a club for disorderly conduct. Tambling had to "bail" her out from jail, and he reported that "she's learnt her lesson". Both of Vik's sons, Max and James, play drums, and according to him "I hope they do make something of what they have. Or else my teaching will go down the drain".

Summer Headbangerz Festival 2004 incidentEdit

On the hype of their ninth album Grace Let Fall, God Appendium played the major Summer Headbangerz Festival in 2004. On August 14th, during their show, lead singer Tommy Clatriano stopped in the middle of a verse and said "George Bush is Satan, everybody. He is fucking Satan". Clatriano, and drummer Tambling then proceeded to destroy pictures of George W. Bush on stage, and were taken off by security. Clatriano and Tambling were charged an $500 fine for unecessary conduct. In an interview shortly after Clatriano said that "the media and the police take everything to fucking seriously".

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