"You stupid pedazo de mierda, the shipment must be delivered!"
—Victor Drene la Monarquía Seca to one of the dockyard workers right before Nieto kills him

Victor Drene la Monarquía Seca (1498-1540) was a Madrid merchant lord and one of the conspirators in the attack of Philip II of Spain and the murder of his son Diego in Assassin's Creed: Revolutions. Seca is Nieto Nieto Caídose del Monarca's first target, whom he strikes at the shipyards in Madrid. While Seca is overseeing a shipment, where he swears at one of the dock workers, Nieto strikes him with the his hidden blades, proclaiming: "Víctor Drene la Monarquía Seca está muerto! Mi hermano está vengado! (Victor Drene la Monarquía Seca is dead! My brother is avenged!)". Another conspirator, Guillermo la Dolchean, is Seca's cousin.

Seca is seen during the attack at the beginning of the game, although his face is obscured by shadow. As he stands over the bodies of a wounded Philip and slain Diego, he laughs and says: "Miembros de la realeza Patético. Hemos hecho lo que hemos venido a buscar. ¡Viva España! (Pathetic royals. We have done what we have came for. Long live Spain!).

Final Words

Victor: Mucho queda por hacer! Eres un cabrón, me será vengada! (So much left undone! You bastard, I will be avenged!)

Nieto: My brother would have loved to see you suffer, Seca. Descanse su alma, traidor (Rest your soul, betrayer).


  • The guards standing around Victor Drene la Monarquía Seca as he inspects the shipment bear an individual insignia to normal guards, indicating that they may be Seca's personal bodyguard.
  • Seca had tried to kill Philip II before, when they were younger men.
  • He carries a sword at his side, which can be pickpocketed from his corpse.
  • When Nieto assassinates his cousin Guillermo la Dolchean, he discovers the two were related.

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