the heros


  • A button:Punch
  • B button:Star Power
  • R button:FLUDD water barrage
  • X button:Metal Mario
  • Y button:Wing cap Mario
  • Z l button: Change costume
  • Z r button: Change costume
  • Costume:green,knight mario,Classic mario

Neo cortex

  • A button:Evovler ray(evovles allies to a strong power up)
  • B button:Punch
  • R button:Summon Helper:N gin
  • X button:De-volver ray 3000 global strike(De-evovles enemies to brainless monkeys)
  • Y button:De-volver ray(De-evovles 1 to 3 enemies)
  • Z l button:Mutate
  • Z r button:get in mecha cortex
  • Reason for adding to the heros:helping he wants to help destroy video game villian works


A button:Punch B button:Summon helper: E gadd R button:Poltergust 2000 X button:kick Y button:Ulter ego: Mr.L Z l button: Change costume Z r button: Change costume

Crash bandicoot

A button:Punch B button:Spin R button:Summon Helper:Crunch Bandicoot X button:Slide kick Y button:Uses Cortex as hammer Z l button: Get in mecha bandicoot Z r button: takeover mutant with aku-aku


A button:Lightsaber slash B button:Lightning R button:force push X button:Force repusle

zzzzzzzzzzzz a bbbbbbbbb aaaaaaaaaaa:metor shower


A button:Slash B button:Impale R button:Guard X button:beam with sword Y button:Critcal finish

The Villians

  • Bowser
  • Darth Vader
  • Evil-Mario (Mario from a Diffrent dimension)
  • Nightmare
  • King Boo
  • N-Trance

Their Minions

  • Bowser's:Koopa troopa
  • Darth Vader's: Stormtroopers
  • Evil-Mario's:Evil Toads
  • Nightmare's:The Undead

King Boo'S:Boos N-Trance:Time trance robots


you send a team of 3 and defeat the villian's minions in the characters game universe.There will be a a team base after the Prolouge level with a personalized room for the characters. Cortex is always working on a crashed ship he found on the Prolouge.

The levels

Prolouge Beach Objectives :find a base Find Team members Crash Bandicoot Cortex Siegfried Luigi and The Apprentice

Mario's Universe


peach's castle Objective 1:Free Peache's castle from koopa troops

'section 2'

luigi's mansion Objectives:save Egadd from king boo Objective 2: Help the Boos Rebel from king boo Objective 3: Help luigi find the new poltergust

'section 3'

Boss battle with bowser

'more coming'

The Hub

The hub is the team's base

  • mario's room

with a mario kart on a rig and a bed

  • cortex lab away from lab

you see him work on a ship and working on his other mutant forms

  • In siegfried's

you can update the characters attacks and make them more powerful

  • Luigi's room

you see him help egadd super charging luigi's mario kart and you see a Bed for luigi and Egadd sleep on a medical table

  • Crash has crunch working on there tag team nitro kart

and two bunk bed style Bunk bed hamachs

The Apprentice's room is corridor leading to a meditaiton room you can pick the team leader in his room

you play as the team leader in the hub

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