Village of Vampires is a horror-thriller film starring Robert Englund, Nicholas D'Agosto, Katie Cassidy, Emma Bell, Danielle Panabaker, Jesse Metcalfe, Ryan Merriman, Meagan Good, Anna Hutchinson, Taryn Manning, Scott Porter, Chris Hemsworth, Ian Somerhalder, Jamie Chung, Megan Fox, Patrick Flueger, Katharine McPhee, Bianca Lawson and Jason Statham


Dr. Dave Lawrence and a group of college students are sent to a village by one of Dr. Dave Lawrence's friends, Hernando to discover the village is overruned by vampires and Hernando is the vampire leader and the vampires think the doctor's daughter Sandy is a woman named Magda who was supposed to be turned into a vampire. Can they survive and kill all the vampires


Robert Englund as Dr. Dave Lawrence

Nicholas D'Agosto as Paul Ross

Katie Cassidy as Sandy Lawrence

Emma Bell as Heather

Danielle Panabaker as Jane

Jesse Metcalfe as Jose

Ryan Merriman as Jerry

Meagan Good as Shelly

Anna Hutchinson as Anna

Taryn Manning as Jenna

Scott Porter as Tyler

Chris Hemsworth as Kyle

Ian Somerhalder as Dean

Jamie Chung as Chelsea

Megan Fox as Madison

Patrick Flueger as Andy

Katharine McPhee as Alex

Bianca Lawson as Aisha

Jason Statham as Hernando


Aisha- Bitten in neck and loses alot of blood

Madison- Bitten in neck, loses alot of blood and burned by sun

Tyler- Bitten in throat by Madison while having sex and burned by son

Andy- Bitten in arm and loses blood

Alex- Bitten in one of her breasts by Tyler while having sex

Chelsea- Bitten in mouth

Dean- Bitten in neck

Kyle- Bitten in arm and loses alot of blood while having sex with Anna

Anna- Bitten in legs and arms/loses alot of blood

Shelly- Dragged back into cave and devoured

Jenna- Slits her own throat

Jose- Bitten by a vampire bat, stabbed with stake by Jane

Heather- Devoured by a group of vampires

Dr. Lawrence- Bitten in arm by Hernando and stabbed with stake by Sandy

Hernando- Stabbed with stake by Paul


Paul, Sandy and Jane

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