Vindictive Does Grunge is a compilation album of the Vindictive Does... series created by Vindictive Records, which sees its artists cover songs. This latest album sees them cover popular grunge songs. The cover art is a direct reference to Pearl Jam's influental album Ten.


Vindictive Does Grunge remains the most positively reviewed and highest selling of the series. Metalix said that: "A great selection of grunge's greatest hits covered by Vindictive's premium bands. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains appear as should, and their best songs are covered. Praise to Ammat for turning "Even Flow" into a crazy nu metal remix".

Track listing

# Title Performer Original Performer Length
1. "Heart Shaped Box" Nirvana Elemental 4:40
2. "Would?" Alice In Chains Her Eyes In The Fire 3:27
3. "Even Flow" Pearl Jam Ammat 4:55
4. "Black Hole Sun" Soundgarden Blair Tragedy 5:18
5. "Sea of Sorrow" Alice In Chains Die, Die, Amy 5:51
6. "Lithium" Nirvana I Love You, You Hate Me 4:16
7. "Jeremy" Pearl Jam Punchfaced 4:49
8. "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" Smashing Pumpkins Nostradamus 4:18
9. "About A Girl" Nirvana Gauntlet 2:49

The album artwork, referencing to Pearl Jam's influental album Ten.

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