Vindictive Does Iron Maiden is a compilation of the Vindictive Does... series created by Vindictive Records, where the label's artists cover songs. This edition sees them cover Iron Maiden songs. It is preceded by Vindictive Does Metallica and followed by Vindictive Does AC/DC.


The album was less well recieved than Vindictive Does Metallica. Caliber said that: "The album is yet another pointless one full of dull covers. Vindictive Records is pointless to continue this franchise".

Metalix said: "It is not as good as its predecessor, but the bands give a fair jab at Maiden's greatist hits".

Track listing

# Title Performer Original Performer Length
1. "2 Minutes To Midnight" Laws of Kaos Iron Maiden 8:26
2. "Aces High" Her Eyes In The Fire Iron Maiden 2:56
3. "The Clairvoyant" Elemental Iron Maiden 4:26
4. "Iron Maiden" Lacerator Metallica 4:43
5. "Be Quick or Be Dead" Cadaver Iron Maiden 6:00
6. "The Number of the Beast" Las Tierras del Lobo Iron Maiden 4:52
7. "Moonchild" Gauntlet Iron Maiden 2:55


The album artwork, featuring Iron Maiden's trademark name styling

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