Vindictive Does Metallica is a compilation of the Vindictive Does... series created by Vindictive Records, where the record labels artists cover songs. This edition sees them cover Metallica songs. It is followed by Vindictive Does Iron Maiden.


The album was generally well recieved. Gods of Guitar said that: "The album showcases Vindictive Records' finest and rising acts playing some of Metallica's best. The songs have been chosen appropriately to suit each band to cover them. Particular favourites include Eternal Guardian's The Memory Remains and Wolverine's St. Anger".

Caliber was less impressed. "The album is lacklustre at best, the bands don't suit the songs. An utterly pointless endeavour on Vindictive Records' part".

Track listingEdit

# Title Performer Original Performer Length
1. "The Memory Remains" Eternal Guardians Metallica 4:38
2. "Battery" Therru Metallica 5:13
3. "Enter Sandman" Stagnant Metallica 5:32
4. "St. Anger" Wolverine Metallica 7:21
5. "One" This Deathly Accord Metallica 7:27
6. "Until It Sleeps" Wolverine Metallica 4:29
7. "King Nothing" Death Flower Metallica 5:30


The album artwork, featuring Metallica's trademark lettering

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