Vincent Jonathan MacArthur (born. July 5th 1962- died. May 14th 2010) was an American musician, most notably as the frontman of Californian thrash metal band Townsend Sacrifice. He went by his stage name Vinnie MacArthur. During shows he was known for his elaborate "biker" outfits and played a different guitar every show. Vinnie was murdered on May 14th 2010.

Early life

Vincent Jonathan MacArthur was born in Blue Rock, California, in 1962, to Italian-English steelworker James "Jimmy" Beaupatrick MacArthur and unemployed house mother Eleanora Fitzpatrick Joanne Entwhistle (born. 1939), the first and only child. His father Jimmy died in a work accident in 1973, whereupon his mother took up a job running a dinner inherited from her father, Vincent's grandfather, Jeffrey Fitzpatrick Entwhistle (born. 1901-died. 1974).


MacArthur began listening to the likes of Black Sabbath and Led Zepellin in his early and late teen years. He took up the guitar in 1977, and began playing minor gigs around Blue Rock. In 1983 he met high school graduate Mark MacKinley, and they began jamming together. Three years later they met Larry Jefferson and Joe Turner, and Townsend Sacrifice was born. For more information, see Townsend Sacrifice.

Personal life

MacArthur has been married two times. His first wife Amie Masters divorced him in 1994 after two years of marriage, and one child, his oldest son Jack Vincent MacArthur (born. 1992). He married his second, and current wife, Elizabeth Maria Leeds in 1997, and they have three children: his second son Michael Fitzpatrick MacArthur (born. 1997), and his twin daughters Elise and Ruby (born. 1999). He lived in Blue Rock with his wife and four children, and owned over 500 guitars, one hundred of which are custom made for Townsend Sacrifice.


On May 14th 2010 Vinnie went to his local pub in Blue Rock and partied with his friends. He stayed till late, but decided to leave around 12:00 PM. En route to his home, Vinnie's car tires were shot by an unknown assailant, and he exited the car to investigate. The two assailants, identified as Jerome Fairbanks and Carlos Chaco, then approached Vinnie and Fairbanks fired a pump-action shotgun at him, hitting him in the stomach. Fairbanks fled, but Chaco stayed behind and emptied a few rounds of pistol ammo into Vinnie, making sure that he was dead. MacArthur's body was found at around 1:14 AM by his close friend Paul Hendersen, who called 911 and attempted to resuscitate Vinnie. He arrived at Blue Rock Hospital at around 2:45 AM and was pronounced dead on arrival. Police continued the investigate in the early morning, and arrested both Chaco and Fairbanks. Both revealed their motive was to kill Vinnie because he was famous, and they thought they'd go down in history as his murderers. Joseph Krieg, member of Towsend Sacrifice and the newly reformed Exorcismic received the call shortly after a Mississippi Exorcismic show that Vinnie had been murdered, and the other members of the band also received the news.

Following Vinnie's death at the hospital, Paul Hendersen went to his Blue Rock home and broke the news to Vinnie's family. He confirmed that the family was destroyed, and that Vinnie's friends would help them through the tragedy. He has said in the local paper's May 16th issue, that: "Those two men are heartless for what they did. Musicians are prey for everyone, I can't believe Vinnie's dead. I'm at a loss for words".

Vinnie's funeral was held in Blue Rock on May 30th 2010, with attendants including his family, members of Townsend Sacrifice, Excorcismic, and God Appendium. Vinnie's son Jack spoke at the memorial, saying his father's death was untimely and that he'd continue his legacy. He was joined on stage by Joseph Krieg and Jack Simspon, who both shared words on Vinnie and his impact on their lives. His mother Eleanora Fitzpatrick Joanne Entwhistle also spoke, saying that Vinnie was too young and she should have died before her own son. Christopher Nash longtime friend of Vinnie, and ex-member of God Appendium, current guitarist in Bleed the Pain as well as the main collaborator with Vinnie on Slaughterhouse also attended, saying the album would be finished for Vinnie. He was buried at Blue Rock Cemetery next to his father James "Jimmy" Beaupatrick MacArthur. A guitar was engraved on his tombstone, as well as lyrics off the Witches of Townsend album.

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