The Viper series of starfighters was a line of medium interceptors, beginning with the Viper Mark I and culminating in the sleek Viper Mark VII. Vipers were grouped into squadrons of twenty instead of squadrons of twelve.


After a number of defeats by the U.E.V. using starfighters such as the Mark II Howlrunner, the New Republic found itself in need of a starfighter to fill the long-empty niche of medium interceptor. Brendan Aggeler was asked for an idea and suggested making the Viper-series fighters from the Battlestar Galactica franchise real, citing numerous advantageous design features. The Viper Mark I was readily converted from T-wing interceptors and partially destroyed X-wings, and several squadrons of them were ready in time to repulse the U.E.V.'s assault on Kamino. Subsequent models were somewhat smoother in design. The Viper Mark II debuted at and was instrumental in the Battle of Cardooine. The Mark II was the first to feature the ability to tightly flip 180 degrees in .35 seconds. The latest in the series, the Viper Mark VII, is considered to be a near-perfection of the design. It made its first appearance when the first one, piloted by Shadow, fought alongside Princess Zelda and Fay in a battle to thwart a sabotage attempt on Koensayr's primary factory.


  • Viper Mark I medium interceptor
  • Viper Mark II medium interceptor
  • Viper Mark III medium interceptor
  • Viper Mark IV medium interceptor
  • Viper Mark V medium interceptor
  • Viper Mark VI medium interceptor
  • Viper Mark VII medium interceptor

Behind the Scenes

Note from the author:"I happen to really, REALLY like the Vipers and Battlestars from Battlestar Galactica, especially the new version. So I decided to include them in my Collided Worlds crosover story. Feel free to complain on the talk page."

See also

Viper 1138(Amy's Viper Mark II)


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