The Viral Xenomorph is an extraterrestial entity in the scifi film Virus.

The true form of the Viral Xenomorph is that of a non-cellular state of energy. It exists as a purple/blue plasma or lightning, an extremely intelligent electrical life form which fluctuates and changes shape constantly. Capable of traveling through open space in this form, the Viral Xenomorph is also able to travel through any form of electrical wiring or data link, just as waves or standard electricity would. Through this means, it is able to access computers or any electrical system connected to the electricity supply, effectively allowing it to "possess" any appliance, including mainframes, robotic labs and CCTV systems.

As the Viral Xenomorph lacks any form or shape, it will use the implements which it "possesses" to build itself what it lacks. By possessing robotics laboratories it will build biomechanical extensions of itself which it can use to gather more materials. These cybernetic organisms come is various shapes and sizes and each operates independently, but is linked to and controlled by a central intelligence.

Initially small gatherer robots will be constructed in the robotics laboratories. These are used to collect materials, destroy any threats to the Viral Xenomorph, and can be used to bypass or repair damaged wiring or equipment. They are armed so as to be able to not only collect mechanical materials, but to also gather biological materials. Equipped with nail guns, drills, circular saws, welding torches, soldering irons or various blades, these robots can be extremely deadly.

Once more materials are gathered (bother technological and biological), the Viral Xenomorph then progresses to building itself biomechanisms - machines which are part human and part machine. As the Viral Xenomorph considers humans to be a virus (apparently we are destructive, invasive, noxious and harmful to the body of the whole), it has no misgivings or guilt about using humans as a source of spare biological components. Amongst the many various uses for parts of the human body, the Viral Xenomorph incorporates such structures as viscous neurological transmitters, oxygenated tissue, the aponeurus superiorus (part of the optic nerve) and papelbrai into its cybernetic organisms. The brain is kept alive and blood is pumped around the body by some form of self-contained power supply, ensuring that no decomposition occurs.

Once sufficient supplies have been stockpiled, and there are a good number of worker drones, the Viral Xenomorph will construct for itself the ultimate biomechanism. The largest of all noted cybernetic organisms, this body form has been dubbed "Goliath". The Goliath is approximately 4 to 5 meters tall, with two arms (one ending in a claw, the other a hand) and a head connected to a main torso which sits upon a platform which can rotate 360 degrees. From this platform, four legs allow the Goliath to traverse hazardous terrain with relative ease. The head of the Goliath contains a "mouth" of metal mandibles and eight cameras used for vision. A deep synthetic voice (capable of speaking any language fluently) completes the imposing form.

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