Vital Organs is the second album from American death metal band Morgue For Maria, released on April 13th 2007. It is preceded by 2005's Morgue For Maria and followed by 2009's In The Light of the Sun.


After their sucessfull 2005 self-titled debut, Morgue For Maria entered the studio in December of 2006 after touring extensively. As lead man Jordan "Madman" Marcus said in a 2007 Metalix interview: "Topping our first album has proven to be hard. I mean we got a MMMA (Metalix Metal Music Award, reference to the band's winning of the 2005 Best Death Metal Release Award for the first album)". Although producer Jeff Gardner produced the first album, the band felt it was right to work with someone else. Renowned producer Joe Friese, who pioneered metal band God Appendium through their early albums. Marcus had penned a song whilst on tour, aptly titled "Two Thousand and Heaven", dealing with the fear that 2007 would be the end of the world. Friese, as he told sources, was rather confused by the song, but after the band performed it he agreed it deserved its place on the album. Recording of the album was done rather quickly, and by March 2007 the band wrapped up production and embarked on tour before and during the album's release.


Like it's predecessor, "Vital Organs" was generally well recieved.

MetalHeaded said: With their self-titled debut Ohio's melo-death upstarts achieved a awesome feat, annihilating the holy godsmack out of anyone's speaker who bought the album. With Vital Organs the gore-fest is upped, the brutal riffing is upped, the general rawness is upped. Opener Intestine Pull spits on your ears like an infernal death roar, as Jordan "Madman" Marcus yells "fuck", "shit", and the unutterable "c" word, singing about his own autopsy while he's still alive. The brutality and disgust continue with Iron Surgery and Skullgrinder, and by the end your ears will be fucked, your mind will be fucked, and your adoration for Morgue For Maria will be greater than it ever has been.

MetalNet were equally impressed: Being a great lover for all things death metal, albeit its branching sub-genres, I recently went to my local music store to buy the latest offering from Morgue For Maria. Here's an example of how fucking popular these guys are. I went to the store, looked for the band, and only found the self-titled album, which blew my fucking mind. I asked at the counter, and the guy informed me Vital Organs had sold out. I came back a week later and acquired the album at last, soon I was enveloped in MFM's undeniable insanely brilliant sound. I was surprised my speakers survived the high rotation of Vital Organs, and by album's end I was left with the same feeling I had only two years before, Morgue For Maria are fucking brilliant!

Track listingEdit

  1. "Intestine Pull" - 4:55
  2. "Iron Surgery" - 5:40
  3. "Bleeder" - 4:00
  4. "Two Thousand and Heaven" - 7:45
  5. "Hellish Delights" - 3:55
  6. "Skullgrinder" - 3:00
  7. "Saw" - 3:55
  8. "Mind Disintegration" - 6:00
  9. "The Murder" - 9:00


  • Jordan "Madman" Marcus - vocals,
  • Devon MacKinley - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Casey Kellerman - bass
  • Aleksei Mikelov - rhythm guitar
  • Peter Ulman - guitars
  • Joseph Lewis Junior - drums

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