Polar KrushEdit

Polar Krush is a 2014 British CG Animated Series made for Flycheese and 4Kids Entertainment Inc, The series focuses on the adventures of a polar bear named PK and a bunch of other animals who were en-route to a new life from London Zoo to Central Park Zoo. However the ship they were on was wrecked in a storm and the animals escaped. They find themselves on juice island, a piece of land, which has broken away from the Canadian coastline. The island becomes a sanctuary for a number of homeless animals who can enjoy soft drinks, sunshine and Holiday Festivals. They work out how to get the island to co-operate with them and set off on a quest to find an uncharted island called Paradiso Island, while picking up other animals in peril along the way. Both Seasons 1 & 2 of the Show can be found on YouTube.

Major HeroesEdit

PK (Polar bear) PK, the title character is a lovable, yet eccentric, polar bear. He is looked upon as the leader by many of the other animals and is thus elected Captain of the island. They turn to him when they need advice or help. He is ambitious and idealistic, wishing to turn the island into a safe haven for endangered animals. He develops a very close relationship with Donald. PK's most notable catchphrase is "Oh deary me." PK Is Ranked First place in the Polar Krush 4kids character pole for being in all the episodes and the intro and credits

Sam (Sloth Bear) Sam is a sloth bear who has a stereotypical surfer accent and a lack of common sense, though he does have random bouts of intellectualism. Sam is Ranked Second in the Polar Krush 4kids character pole because He is quite a bit more laid back than other animals and has a good sense not to tell lies. He is the Second Sloth Bear to be used for Media, Despite the First One Being 'Baloo' From 'Disney's The Jungle Book'.

Donald (Desman) Donald, loyal, selfless, friendly, and cheerful desman, is always willing to be of assistance but is mostly ignored by a lot of the other animals, with the exception of PK with whom he develops a close friendship. It may be said that the relationship between the two is similar to that witnessed between Hudson Horstachio and Les Galagoogoo in Viva Pinata. He has a habit of incurring the disappointment of others (even PK) but is always willing to make up for any mistake he makes. Donald has worked as a circus animal before he arrives on the island and has a dream to open up his own Island Circus. He wishes to use his performing skills to provide entertainment for the other islanders. His catchphrase is "Hoyski Poyski".

Lionel (African Lion) Lionel is a Courageous Character who is Strong and Bold, in the first episode, He had Amnesia, Not Knowing Who he was Until Episode 4, when he gets his memory back. He Also Lost his Mate Lira who drown in the shipwreck.

Elliot (African Elephant) Elliot is a little elephant who is looked after by his Grandfather, Eustace. When Eustace leaves, he is left in the care of May and Maurice.

Freddie (Red Fox) Freddie is a no-nonsense red fox who speaks like Will Smith, he can easily be considered to be "the clever-cloggs" of the main cast. he is friends with Henderson Hedgehog.

Henderson (Desert Hedgehog) Henderson is a Hedgehog who is a loonatic, he is friends with Freddie Fox. He is frequently sought out by Bob but always manages to escape his pet Hyenas.

Recurring Heroes and Anti-HeroesEdit

Andrea (aardvark) Andrea is a female aardvark who always seems to speak through her long nose. She is friends with Donald and has a sweet tooth for ants, termites or any creepy crawlies.

Gordon (gorilla) Gordon is a silverback gorilla who is the island's 'Chief Surgeon' due to his medical experience helping the vet back at the zoo. His best friends on the island are Katie, Ginger and Bob.

Ginger (gorilla) Ginger is another gorilla who is Gordon's mate and they have a loving reaction. Ginger and Katie did not often see eye to eye.

Katie (red kangaroo) Katie is a kind-hearted and strong-minded red kangaroo who can sometimes be very stubborn. Katie was a nurse to baby joeys back in Australia before she joined the zoo. Because of this, she becomes a nurse alongside Gordon and Ginger, the island doctors. She is good friends with Gordon but is not too keen on Bob. Katie has a very pronounced Australian accent.

Bob (Mandrill) Bob is a bigheaded, arrogant mandrill whose lifelong ambition is to become closer to his human relatives. Bob will often be seen trying to read a book or walking on two legs in order to 'be more human.' He is mostly good friends with Gordon and sometimes friend with others but generally remains by himself in a secluded part of the island with his three "doggies" which are actually hyenas.

Maurice (wooly mammoth) Maurice is a slow, simple-minded male mammoth with a great passion to marry May, and finally succeeds. Although, it was only when he narrowly escapes death that she realised how much he meant to her.

May (wooly mammoth) May is female mammoth who is often found painting in the island's caves and is a strong-willed character. It is her father's map that leads the animals to Paradiso Island.

Harha, Henry, and Helen (Hyenas) Harha and Her two Pups live in the same cave where Bob lives and respect bob as their Boss. Henry is Harha's Older Son. Helen is Harha's Younger Daughter. The Hyenas Bareley have resembelences to the Ones from 'Disney's The Lion King'.

Wilbur (Walrus) Wilbur is the island's councillor and often has one or two of the animals telling him their problems. When not doing this, he spends his time on the beach participating in his most favourite pastime, sleeping.

Wayne (Warthog) A Warthog who is Gordon's Old friend back in Africa and is then Saved by Gordon from Sylumn the Snake King.

Ollie (orangutan) Ollie is a neurotic orangutan who is "chief engineer" (as he insists on being called) of the island's "lava bomb." He speaks with a Scottish accent. The character of Ollie is reminiscent of 'Scotty' from Star Trek.

Racheal (Russian Bear. ) Racheal is a stubborn Russian bear. She has a crush on PK, and her best friend is a panda. She speaks with a Welsh accent.

Ping (Giant Panda) Ping is a timid, soft-spoken panda whose grasp of the English language is a bit shaky, as her native tongue is Chinese. Her best friend is Racheal, and they are always together. Sometimes, she has the power of hypnosis.

Olera (Asian Otter) Olera is a beautiful Otter who Freddie has a Crush On.

Ricky (White Rabbit) Ricky is a silent Rabbit who acts like a life guard.

Walter (Wombat) Walter is a member of the island and a hyperactive character with virtually no sense of danger and is often seen attempting some kind of life-threatening stunt in his efforts to have fun, such as surfing a shark. Walter, like Katie, has an obvious Australian accent.

Victor (Vulture) An elderly vulture, is the leader of the Vulture Patrol. One characteristic that distinguishes him from the rest of the vultures is his distinctive feathers that hang like a Red Indian chief's hair from the backside of his head.

Eustace (African elephant) Eustace is a 100-year-old elephant featured at the beginning of the first series before leaving the show to die quietly. His grandson is Elliot.

Tony (Royal Bengal Tiger) Tony is a Brave tiger cub, he is friends with Elliot and other young animals. The character of Tony is reminiscent of 'Shere Khan' from Jungle Cubs.

Dinosaur (Triceratops) A 600 year old Survivng Dinosaur rescued from Sylum who hurt him in Africa. He Can Sometimes Threaten other Animals By Trying to Stomp or charge at them when he doesn't really mean it. He is sometimes seen as a close friend of Carolyn the Camel.

Carolyn(Dromedary Camel) A Camel who Freddie and Henderson rescue from a Circus at Central Park In New York where the Zoo Animals were supposed be at before they got shipwrecked. Carolyn can't help herself with her problem of spitting and she is sometimes seen as a close friend of the triceratops.

Rhombus (Black Rhino) Rhombus is a simple character who is the island's chief "lava bomb" valve operator due to his strength. He does not often say much apart from "pom, pom, piddle!", and has occasional outbursts of anger.

Charlie (Cheetah) Charlie is a Kind Cheetah, He also loves running which cheetahs normally do, but Charlie does it for each New Record he beats.

Bandicoot (Eastern Barred Bandicoot) A Bandicoot who is Friends with Walter. Bandicoot is the Same Species as of One of the world Famous Video Game Heroes, 'Crash Bandicoot'.

Steve (Smilodon) Steve is a Sabre Toothed tiger, he asks Tony to teach him how to be a good friend and a good protector like Lionel.

Stew (Sloth) Stew is a sloth who had a hard time with his teacher but it's then saved By PK From a black Jagaur. Stew's character is reminiscent of 'Big the Cat' From the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Video Game Series.

Parrots (Parrot) The Five Parrots who are saved from a tidal wave between both North and south America. They Only Words are "Who's A Pretty Boy Then?" which they use as their catchphrase.

Phillip (Emperor Penguin) A Penguin who is the last family Member PK Invites to Juice Island and a friend.

Barbara (Mandrill) Barbara, Like Bob is also a bigheaded, arrogant mandrill but is not the one whose lifelong ambition is to become closer to his human relatives. Barbara will often be seen trying to convince Bob to Be a Proper Mandrill.

Thompson (Royal Bengal Tiger) Thompson is Tony's Father.

Taylor (Royal Bengal Tiger) Taylor is Tony's Mother.

Lauren (African Lion) Lauren is a beautiful lioness and is Lionel's New Mate.

Axel (Giant Anteater) Axel is a Giant Anteater who survived with Some Zoo Animals From San Francisco.

Morcho (Wooly Mammoth) Morcho is a Grumpy and Selfish Mammoth and is May's Father.

Mates and Colonies Polar Bears, Sloth Bears, Desmans, African Lions, African Elephants, Red Foxes, Desert Hedgehogs, Gorillas, Red Kangaroos, Mandrills, Wooly Mammoths, Walruses, Wombats, Eastern Barred Bandicoots, Cheetahs, Russian Bears, Giant Pandas, Orangutans, Royal Bengal Tigers, Black Rhinos, Hyenas, Otters, Zebras, Warthogs, Tyrannosaurus Rexes, Triceratopses, Dromadery Camels, Sloths, Smilodons, Vultures, Parrots, Giant Anteaters, Rabbits, Koala Bears, Dingo Dogs, Black Panthers and Penguins

Villains and EnemiesEdit

The Octopus King (octopus) The Main Villain of the Series. He is a 90 Year Old Octopus who already heard of PK and his new family Heading to Paradiso Island. In Season 1, He Recruited Sylum the Snake King, The Black Jaguar, and the Mighty Leopard Seal to Stop them but failed. So In Season 2, The Octopus King Has to stop PK and his Family by Himself.

King Sylum (Boomslang) An Evil Snake in a robotic Body. He was asked by the Octopus King to Kidnap and Cage all the African Animals to lure PK and his Family into Sylum's Trap, But His Tough Challenge was on the Triceratops and was easily defeated by the Power of the Lava Bomb which scared him off.

The Black Jaguar (jaguar) The Black Jaguar was asked by the Octopus King To Kidnap and Tie Up Every Brazilian Animal to lure PK and his family into the Jaguar's Trap but was then stopped By PK's Family itself.

The Mighty Leopard Seal (Leopard Seal) The Leopard Seal was Asked By the Octopus King to Sneak onto juice island but was scared by the fire which was his only fear.

Captain Terror (Tyrannosaurus Rex) Terror is a fearsome T-Rex Pirate who invades Paradiso Island just to steal Treasure.

List of episodesEdit

Series 1Edit

1. A New Family Has BegunEdit

Release Date: 16/12/2014

Join PK as he meets a bunch of shipwrecked zoo animals that survive onto his island and becomes his friends.

2. Donald's SicknessEdit

Release Date: 17/12/2014

When Bob divides the jungle Island up into seperate countries, one for each animal, PK And the Gang Must Find a cure for Donald who feels sick from a morning race and then the Fur begins to fly.

3. African MadnessEdit

Release Date: 18/12/2014

While Arriving at Africa, PK and Gordon Must Rescue Gordon's Old warthog friend from an evil snake in a robotic body while picking up a lonely dinosaur in need of rescuing.

4. Circus of WonderersEdit

Release Date: 19/12/2014

Freddie and Henderson Head to New York City to Pick up a Camel who is fed up with the circus.

5. The Dangerous SurfEdit

Release Date: 20/12/2014

When PK and the gang fear a tidal wave approaching, they take cover with some help from a few Parrots.

6. Brazil NutsEdit

Release Date: 21/12/2014

While Arriving at Brazil, PK and Sam Help Out Stew the Sloth while Tony Practices in a Zorbing Ball.

7. How To Be a FriendEdit

Release Date: 22/12/2014

When Eustace Realizes that his time has come to an end, Lionel Lion and Donald Desman Chatter about a circus while Tony Help Steve on how To Be Kind to others, While Bob Has Built a Waterfall.

8. Ice Berg SurvivalEdit

Release Date: 23/12/2014

Bob is Captain now when the island is stuck in Antarctica. Then all the animals have an argument about surviving until PK interups and becomes Captain again.

9. Paradise at LastEdit

Release Date: 24/12/2014

PK is Captain again and now then animals celebrate Christmas and then on Christmas morning, PK and his friends have finally reached Paradiso Island.

Series 2Edit

1. Mating Season Begins (Episode 10) Edit

Release Date: 06/12/2015

After Celebrating Bonfire Night,  PK and the Gang Begin Mating Season to Keep their Community in Paradiso Island Alive.

2. Dinos Ahoy! (Episode 11) Edit

Release Date: 07/12/2015

Just Before PK And the Gang Head to India to Find More Mates, An Army of T-Rex Pirates Invade Paradiso Island.

3. Who's Gone Bananas? (Episode 12) Edit

Release Date: 08/12/2015

Just Before PK And the Gang Head to Australia, The Bananas Have Disappeared, and Donald must find the Culprits.

4. The Prisoners (Episode 13) Edit

Release Date: 09/12/2015

After Arguing With Gordan, Bob and Barbara are captured by King Octopus who enslaves them to steal the emerald crystal.

5. I Never Get the Joke (Episode 14) Edit

Release Date: 10/12/2015

After Tricking King Octopus, Freddie and Henderson are then tricked into thinking that they have been Cursed.

6. The Law of the Jungle (Episode 15) Edit

Release Date: 11/12/2015

When it's gotten hot, Henderson Becomes King of Paradiso Island and Holds a Cruel Rein called Jungle Law.

7. How To Join A Club (Episode 16) Edit

Release Date: 12/12/2015

When Captain Terror Takes Over, He Tricks PK and the Group to Pester King Octopus.

8. The Cave of Revenge (Episode 17) Edit

Release Date: 13/12/2015

When PK Gets Captured by King Octopus, the gang must Save him from his terrible Wrath.

9. The Magical Charm (Episode 18) Edit

Release Date: 14/12/2015

When Donald Finds a Lucky Charm, the Others Try to Convince him that it might be dangerous.

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