Volume: 1

Cover: Light Yagami

Name: The Day that a Demon was Born

Discription: Light Yagami is frustrated and mourning over the death of his girlfriend Kami Sohma. But he finds the deathnote and accidently uses it to protect himself. He begins to believe that Kami wants him to create a better world without criminals and evil.

Volume: 2

Cover: Ryuk

Name: Poisoned Blood

Discription: Ever since Light found that notebook, he's been feeling wierd. Ryuk explains that it is just Red becoming reborn. Who is Red? What is this scythe that Light can summon?

Volume: 3

Cover: L Lawliet

Name: Kira

Discription: Red has just announced that Light is being followed. This man is a FBI agent sent by a famous detective named L. Now that Light has an alias (Kira), he can accept L's challenge knowing that he will come out the victor.

Volume: 4

Cover: Sasame Fuma

Name: The Princess

Discription: The 13-year-old girl named Sasame Fuma has been placed into the Yagami household by the FBI of japan. This girl is placed into Light's closet due to lack of space. But Light has uncovered a dirty secret of Sasame. She has a Deathnote! Is Light's life in complete danger? Or is this a new ally?

Volume: 5

Cover: Orange and Red (OWV)

Name: Persona vs. Persona

Discription: The battle continues as Light and Sasame battle it out in order for a battle of peace. Red is evenly matched with Orange while Ryuk stands by in case of help. Though the battle shifts to a quick end for Sasame is overthrown by Light's weapon.

Volume: 6

Cover: Misa Amane, Rem, and Gealus

Name: The Second Kira?!

Discription: L offers Light a position in the Task force. But with the pressure of Sasame knowing that he is Kira, will Light join? Not to mention the recent killings that has been made by someone other than Sasame or Light.

Volume: 6

Cover: Red (OWV) and Hana

Name: Just Friends

Discription: The Second Kira has revealed to be famous actress/pop star Misa Amane. She is willing to cooperate with Light if he goes out with her. But this is a tough decision for still mourning Light Yagami and especially hard for Red who was a friend of Misa's persona Hana in past life.

Volume: 7

Cover: Rin Sohma

Name: Hatred

Discription: Izumi "Rin" Sohma (The older sister of Kami sohma) has noticed that Light is acting different. So she begins to follow him home and notice that he is writing in the death note! She has seen it before but is her life now in danger? Or is there something she knows about the deathnote too?

Volume: 8

Cover: Light Yagami and Kami Sohma

Name: Lovers

Discription: It is December 7th, this is the day that ruined Light's life forever.

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